RELINE UV-Group Reline America Merge

RELINEEUROPE Acquires 50 Percent of Reline America

RELINEEUROPE AG has expanded its footprint in the American market with the acquisition of 50 percent of the interest of Reline America (RELINEAMERICA).

This move follows the founding of RELINE UV ASEAN PVT Ltd. with its production facility in New Dehli in late 2018.

Founded in 2005, RELINEAMERICA is a major supplier of UV light cured CIPP liners and has extensive experience in this market. RELINEAMERICA has been instrumental in spearheading the growing acceptance for UV light cured CIPP liners in the American market.  Today, the acceptance of UV light-curing liner processes in the American liner market is building momentum and is on its way to becoming the preferred method for pipe rehabilitation.


The RELINE UV Group, under the leadership of RELINEEUROPE, is entering the rapidly expanding American market thanks to this new joint venture with RELINEAMERICA. This joint venture will benefit RELINEAMERICA’s customers by allowing RELINEAMERICA to offer its customers products developed by RELINEEUROPE, including but not limited to new innovative liner variants, such as the newly developed UV light-curing hose liners for pressure pipes (especially for potable water pipes) and high-performance UV systems. In addition, important synergies between RELINEAMERICA and RELINEEUROPE are already being realize. In the future RELINEAMERICA will support the RELINE UV Group’s customers located in the North, Latin and South American markets.


RELINEAMERICA management, from left, Jerold Botts (vice president sales) and Tim Cook (vice president)

The operational leadership of RELINEAMERICA will be led by vice president Tim Cook and vice president of sales Jerry Botts. “With this relationship, we are focusing on the growth of the American markets and synergies. Combining the experience of RELINEEUROPE with that of RELINEAMERICA together with the new products developed by RELINEEUROPE in recent years, we will be able to offer our customers an expanded portfolio of products to choose from,” said Cook.

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The RELINE UV-Group is a leading manufacturer of trenchless pipe rehabilitation technologies. The company offers tailor-made solutions – from UV-light curing CIPP liners, UV units, robots, and other required accessories to comprehensive services worldwide.

The core products of the RELINE UV group are the GRP pipe liners Alphaliner300, Alphaliner500 and Alphaliner1800, AlphalinerHP, AlphalinerECO and AlphalinerVE for industrial applications, which are manufactured in numerous variants in diameters from 6 to 72 in. Main product is the GRP pipe liner Alphaliner, which is produced with a production of almost 500 miles of liner per year. Customers worldwide use the Alphaliner for sewer rehabilitation projects of municipalities and industrial.

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Another focus of the group is the development and production of high-performance UV curing technology. The latest REE4000 UV curing system is the world’s most powerful UV curing system with a total power output of up to 6 x 4,000 watts, a total output of 24,000 watts, and offers unique innovative features for semi-automated operation. This makes it possible to cure UV-light-curing liners up to a wall thickness of more than 20mm extremely quickly and controlled in all dimensions. Founded in 2009, RELINEEUROPE AG is the leading company in the RELINE UV Group.

RELINEAMERICA LLC, with its manufacturing facility in Saltville, Virginia, since 2005, is the leading supplier of UV-curable tube liners in North America, with a total production of more than 2.2 million ft of Alphaliner diameters from 6 to 60 in. RELINEAMERICA also manufactures state-of-the-art REE2000 UV equipment and carries out service work.

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