60 Seconds in the Spotlight


The Trenchless industry’s first truly portable, battery-operated pipe inspection crawler system.

Unmatched portability, versatility, and accessibility allows for limitless applications of pipe cleaning, lining, or televising crews rather than relying on a dedicated TV truck crew for all inspections..

Pipe Trekker
Ph: 519.342.3177

About 60 Seconds in the Spotlight Videos:

Companies have 60 seconds to educate the industry/end users about their trenchless products and solutions via a quick-hitting video shared across all of Trenchless Technology’s digital channels. 

Do you have a product/solution you want to feature in a Trenchless Technology 60 Seconds in the Spotlight video? Contact Kelly VanNatten at kvannatten@benjaminmedia.com or phone: 234-380-3030.