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2022 Pipe Relining Guide


A comprehensive guide designed to help asset owners, engineers and contractors attain a better understanding of pipe relining methods, applications and brands.

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The Trenchless Pipe Selection Guide

Pipe Selection Guide

Pipe is the star of any trenchless project, as it is the conduit for whatever utility flows through — gas, water, wastewater, electric or telecom. The pros and cons of each product pipe on the market are critical to the end result.

Trenchless Technology contacted pipe associations and manufacturers of the nine pipes typically used in trenchless projects to showcase what their particular conduit offers. This Pipe Selection Guide provides this information in one informative resource!

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Discover Why More and More Project Owners are Choosing HDPE over PVC and Ductile Iron

Discover Why More and More Project Owners are Choosing HDPE over PVC and Ductile Iron. In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The key differences between the three legacy material
  • What’s behind the failure rate for each
  • The surprising truth behind some of the most common myths in the market
  • How Duluth, Minnesota achieved a remarkable drop in water main breaks across their city

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Sewer Inspection Management Case Study: A Technological Upgrade Benefiting Business Operations and Processes


Mayer – a flagship company in the sewer inspection industry – has used several different software for their sewer inspection needs. The need to upgrade their software to a solution that had the NASSCO MACP Version 7, Level 2 certification was made clear once their previous provider confirmed they did not plan to meet this new requirement. Mayer turned to the NASSCO website and discovered CTSpec amongst the list of Certified Software Vendors. Learn how CTSpec’s easy to read and complete reports are a major advantage for Mayer as is the fact that the software is powerful and simple to use.

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Special Report: Damage Prevention

Damage Prevention Report

The latest Trenchless Technology Special Report focuses on damage prevention – a wide-ranging topic, but one that is of everyone’s concern during the construction process. In this report we look at issues with the 811 system, using ground penetrating radar (GPR) for infrastructure mapping, detecting cross bores without entering a sewer, training the next crop of underground infrastructure locators and mappers and the top products the damage prevention industry has to offer.

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2022 Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

HDD Guide 2022 cover

A valuable resource for directional drilling contractors, engineers and project owners. The HDD Guide is filled with practical information, including HDD equipment specs, 6 Product Directories, Bidding Tips, Expert advice regarding drill pipe, solids control, and much more.

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Special Report: Solving Aging Infrastructure Challenges with Trenchless Technology

Solving Aging Infrastructure

An informative resource that offers the reader insight into the technologies available to rehabilitate critical underground infrastructure, hear from system owners about their successes and challenges with trenchless relining and better understand where the market stands and where it is headed.

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Special Report: Undergrounding Power & Communication Lines

Undergrounding Power Lines Special Report

Throughout this digital issue, we explore the current market trends in the electric utility market, the evolution of drill bits and HDD technology to aid in installation infrastructure, as well as the importance of utility locating and how vacuum excavators can improve safety during HDD operations in more densely populated areas where undergrounding work is taking place.

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Special Report: Trenchless Technology Solutions for New Installation Challenges

New Install Special Report Cover

This digital issue explores the evolution of trenchless installation methods for underground infrastructure and explains when trenchless techniques are the most optimal and how these methods improve safety, help save on costs and reduce environmental and social disruption. Plus, much more!

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Changing Industry Requirements Drive HDD Innovations

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is one of the most widely used utility installation methods throughout the world. However, there are still challenges on the journey.

This free whitepaper takes a look back at needs that inspired the HDD equipment, tooling and technology the industry depends on today and explores challenges contractors are likely to encounter in the future.

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