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Special Report: Advancements in Microtunneling

Most major cities in North America have a microtunneling project ongoing, recently completed or about to begin. The trenchless installation process is omnipresent as system owners look to install critical underground infrastructure in already congested corridors. To check the pulse of the industry, we’ve assembled this Special Report: Advancements in Microtunneling.

Thank you to our sponsors Hobas Pipe USA and Akkerman Inc. for making this report possible.

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Special Report: Trenchless Solutions for Undergrounding

Trenchless Solutions Cover 600x513

This Special Report looks at the market trends in the electric utility arena, as well as telecom, that are driving an increase in activity surrounding the conversion of aerial lines to underground.  Content includes:

  • The age of strategic undergrounding is here
  • The significance of bore spacers in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for electric utility installations
  • A look at undergrounding and the HDD sector
  • Adapting mapping & project building to a digital world
  • Drilling beneath an air force base runway

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2023/2024 Pipe Relining Guide

PRG Cover 2024
The 2023 Pipe Relining Guide is here. This annual special section offers a comprehensive look at the North American pipe relining industry. The Guide is a vital resource designed to help asset owners, engineers and contractors attain a better understanding of pipe relining methods, applications and brands.

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Special Report: Potable Water Rehab Solutions

Special Report Cover Trenchless Solutions 2023

  • Potable Water Main Rehab Status Update
  • The Successful Same Bore Technology of Trenchless Rehabilitation
  • Flexible Fabric-Reinforced Pipe (FFRP) for Trenchless Pressure Pipe Rehabilitation: An Introduction
  • Best Practices for Installing CIPP H2O for Water Main Renewal
  • North Plainfield Potable Water Main Trenchless Rehabilitation via SIPP


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2023 Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

2023 Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

The HDD Guide provides readers a comprehensive look at the HDD industry to further their knowledge through a wide array of topics: drill rig and vacuum excavator specifications, design considerations, drill pipe, mud engineering, solids control, locating, tooling, plus 6 product directories.

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Special Report: Stormwater Rehab Solutions

Stormwater systems are critical to our day-to-day lives. And, given the location of many of these pipes, trenchless technologies provide the least disruptive and in turn more cost-effective repair solutions. It is to arm our readers with the knowledge about various stormwater rehabilitation solutions that we present the Stormwater Rehab Solutions Special Report.

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Special Report: Condition Assessment

Special Report: Condition-AssessmentOne of the steps that system owners are now taking as they change from reactive to proactive mentality towards their underground infrastructure, is the allocation of funds to starting and maintaining condition assessment programs. Through these programs systems owners can precisely target dollars at the spots that need it the most. To help readers get a better understanding of this important part of an overall system maintenance program, we’ve built this special report – with the help of our sponsors – focusing on condition assessment trends, technologies and procedures.

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The Trenchless Pipe Selection Guide

Pipe Selection Guide

Pipe is the star of any trenchless project, as it is the conduit for whatever utility flows through — gas, water, wastewater, electric or telecom. The pros and cons of each product pipe on the market are critical to the end result.

Trenchless Technology contacted pipe associations and manufacturers of the nine pipes typically used in trenchless projects to showcase what their particular conduit offers. This Pipe Selection Guide provides this information in one informative resource!

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