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Special Report: Trenchless Technology Solutions for New Installation Challenges

New Install Special Report Cover

This digital issue explores the evolution of trenchless installation methods for underground infrastructure and explains when trenchless techniques are the most optimal and how these methods improve safety, help save on costs and reduce environmental and social disruption. Plus, much more!

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2021 Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

HDD Guide 2021

A valuable resource for directional drilling contractors, engineers and project owners. The HDD Guide is filled with practical information, including HDD equipment specs, 6 Product Directories, Bidding Tips, Expert advice regarding drill pipe, solids control, and much more.

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Changing Industry Requirements Drive HDD Innovations

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is one of the most widely used utility installation methods throughout the world. However, there are still challenges on the journey.

This free whitepaper takes a look back at needs that inspired the HDD equipment, tooling and technology the industry depends on today and explore challenges contractors are likely to encounter in the future. Topics include:

  • Innovations for navigating crowded underground right of ways
  • Tools for planning and delivering as-built bore documentation
  • Tooling, machine technology and drilling fluid additives developed for boring in challenging soil conditions
  • The latest advances in machinery for managing drilling fluids on the job
  • How the industry is tackling the ongoing labor shortage using technology to train operators
  • New equipment and technology being developed to address new challenges on the horizon

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Trenchless Technology Exclusive: High-Build Structural-Grade Epoxies & Coatings for Underground Infrastructure

Epoxy Tech Epoxies & Coatings

Have you ever heard someone say, “trenchless is just another tool in the toolbox” for underground infrastructure maintenance? There is no doubt a lot of truth to that – and within the realm of specific rehab methods, there are many tools in that toolbox, too. Working with our friends at Epoxytec, we wanted to take a closer look at one of those tools and present some insights and perspective on high-build, high-strength epoxies and coatings for repairing water and sewer infrastructure. In this exclusive eBook, we examine the history, benefits and applications of these products along with key points and best practices for engineers and installers.

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Special Report: Solving Aging Infrastructure with Trenchless Technology

Infrastructure Report

Throughout this digital issue, we explore different rehabilitation methods and highlight companies and products that help crews address their infrastructure concerns. You’ll find informative articles on topics like pipeline inspection, injection grouting, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lateral rehab, manhole rehabilitation and HDPE for water infrastructure.

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2021 Pipe Relining Guide

2021 Pipe Relining Guide

A comprehensive guide designed to help owners, engineers and contractors attain a better understanding of pipe relining methods, applications and brands.

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Trenchless Technology Canada - Trenchless Contractor Directory

Trenchless Technology Canada 2020 Directory

An easy-to-use Directory featuring 57 Canadian trenchless contractors and the services they provide.