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Special Report: Potable Water Rehab Solutions

Special Report Cover Trenchless Solutions 2023

  • Potable Water Main Rehab Status Update
  • The Successful Same Bore Technology of Trenchless Rehabilitation
  • Flexible Fabric-Reinforced Pipe (FFRP) for Trenchless Pressure Pipe Rehabilitation: An Introduction
  • Best Practices for Installing CIPP H2O for Water Main Renewal
  • North Plainfield Potable Water Main Trenchless Rehabilitation via SIPP


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2023 Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

2023 Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

The HDD Guide provides readers a comprehensive look at the HDD industry to further their knowledge through a wide array of topics: drill rig and vacuum excavator specifications, design considerations, drill pipe, mud engineering, solids control, locating, tooling, plus 6 product directories.

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Special Report: Stormwater Rehab Solutions

Stormwater systems are critical to our day-to-day lives. And, given the location of many of these pipes, trenchless technologies provide the least disruptive and in turn more cost-effective repair solutions. It is to arm our readers with the knowledge about various stormwater rehabilitation solutions that we present the Stormwater Rehab Solutions Special Report.

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Special Report: Condition Assessment

Special Report: Condition-AssessmentOne of the steps that system owners are now taking as they change from reactive to proactive mentality towards their underground infrastructure, is the allocation of funds to starting and maintaining condition assessment programs. Through these programs systems owners can precisely target dollars at the spots that need it the most. To help readers get a better understanding of this important part of an overall system maintenance program, we’ve built this special report – with the help of our sponsors – focusing on condition assessment trends, technologies and procedures.

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Special Report: Trenchless New Installation Comes of Age


Trenchless new installation methodologies can help reduce a project’s impact on those living, working and playing near these important projects. To help acquaint readers with some of these new installation technologies, how system owners are using these technologies and delve into what industry associations are doing to promote new installation methodologies, we’ve compiled this resource, “Trenchless Technology Special Report: New Installation Comes of Age.”

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Certa-Lok® Cartridge-Style Assembly Solves HDD Challenges in Houston


Certa-Lok® Cartridge-Style Assembly Solves HDD Challenges in Houston

As part of a $764,000 water line replacement project, Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (LAN), the technical advisor for the City of Houston, was tasked with finding a low-impact solution to provide a safe, reliable and long-term water line extension; this included a very challenging crossing at Hunting Bayou, one of Houston’s major waterways that meanders through northeast Houston until it reaches Buffalo Bayou at the Houston Ship Channel.

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2022 Pipe Relining Guide


A comprehensive guide designed to help asset owners, engineers and contractors attain a better understanding of pipe relining methods, applications and brands.

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The Trenchless Pipe Selection Guide

Pipe Selection Guide

Pipe is the star of any trenchless project, as it is the conduit for whatever utility flows through — gas, water, wastewater, electric or telecom. The pros and cons of each product pipe on the market are critical to the end result.

Trenchless Technology contacted pipe associations and manufacturers of the nine pipes typically used in trenchless projects to showcase what their particular conduit offers. This Pipe Selection Guide provides this information in one informative resource!

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Discover Why More and More Project Owners are Choosing HDPE over PVC and Ductile Iron

Discover Why More and More Project Owners are Choosing HDPE over PVC and Ductile Iron. In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The key differences between the three legacy material
  • What’s behind the failure rate for each
  • The surprising truth behind some of the most common myths in the market
  • How Duluth, Minnesota achieved a remarkable drop in water main breaks across their city

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Sewer Inspection Management Case Study: A Technological Upgrade Benefiting Business Operations and Processes


Mayer – a flagship company in the sewer inspection industry – has used several different software for their sewer inspection needs. The need to upgrade their software to a solution that had the NASSCO MACP Version 7, Level 2 certification was made clear once their previous provider confirmed they did not plan to meet this new requirement. Mayer turned to the NASSCO website and discovered CTSpec amongst the list of Certified Software Vendors. Learn how CTSpec’s easy to read and complete reports are a major advantage for Mayer as is the fact that the software is powerful and simple to use.

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