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Next Generation of Epoxy Cured Cements Outperform Older Technologies

Conducted by Florida Atlantic University, this study compared the chemical resistance of Calcium Aluminate, 100% Pure Fused Calcium Aluminate, and Epoxy-Modified Mortar in a highly corrosive environment, comparable to that of a wastewater environment. Weight loss and pH levels were measured and recorded weekly for a seven week period. The outcome demonstrated significant differences between the materials with Epoxy-Modified Mortar drastically out-performing both the Calcium Aluminate and the 100% Pure Fused Calcium Aluminate.

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Bridges to Bypass in Alabama


Sewer bypass projects vary in complexity and level of difficulty. From varying flows to accessibility, operation and maintenance requirements, permitting and more, each sewer bypass project presents a unique challenge and thus requires a unique solution. This in-depth case study describes how Sunbelt Rentals met the detailed engineering bypass specifications on a recent project and provided a creative solution to keep the discharge piping out of the creeks where the siphons to be rehabbed crossed.

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2019 Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

HDD Guide 2019

From a perspective on the North American HDD market and Midwest Mole tackling a pipeline installation on the National Mall, to our updated HDD rig and vacuum excavator specs sections, the 2019 Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide (HDD Guide) is ready to read.

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2019 Pipe Relining Guide

2019 Pipe Relining Guide

Pipe relining continues to be an exciting and innovative market. The industry’s products and technology are continually improved and the projects they are used in continue to push the envelope in terms of diameter, length, and intricacy.

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Mergers & Acquisitions Special Report

M&A Special Report

In recent years the trenchless sector of the industry has seen increased interest from investors. In this M&A Special Report, you’ll get industry insight on this recent activity and what lies ahead for mergers and acquisitions in the trenchless sector.

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Pipe Cleaning Pro Magazine

Pipe Cleaning Pro

The Premier Issue of Pipe Cleaning PRO is a How to Guide to pipe cleaning with applicable and must-read information for residential and commercial plumbing contractors, utility contractors, municipalities, utility owners, and anyone else involved in the cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation of North America’s sewer and water infrastructure.

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