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Trenchless Technology World Trenchless Day Municipal Roundtable Webinar:  Finding Success with Trenchless Technologies

September 23, 2021  |  2:00 – 3:30 PM ET
Trenchless Technology
World Trenchless Day was created in 2016 to promote the use of trenchless technologies across the globe. With that in mind, Trenchless Technology has assembled a panel of representatives from municipalities to discuss the successes and challenges they have had with regard to using trenchless technologies. This will be a live panel session webinar moderated by Trenchless Technology’s editors and the audience will be able to ask questions of the panel. You’ll want to make sure to stay until the end of this 90-minute session because Trenchless Technology will formally announce its 2021 Trenchless Technology Project of the Year winners.

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No-Dig Show 2022      

The Future of Sewer Condition Assessment: AI Computer Vision & Cloud Computing

Thu, Sep 16, 2021 2:00 PM EDT

Sewer AI

SewerAI provides wastewater condition assessment services using AutoCode™, a computer vision technology made possible by parallel processing in the cloud along with hundreds of thousands of AI training images, to automatically identify conditions in CCTV and Digital Side Scan (DSS) inspection data. SewerAI’s industry-leading cloud platform for inspection data management, Pioneer™, a NASSCO-certified software for PACP (sewer mainlines) and LACP (sewer laterals), with over 9.5 million linear feet of inspection data being uploaded so far this year, is being leveraged by a growing number of sewer utilities, services contractors, and consulting engineers who have chosen to innovate by leveraging AI and cloud computing to lower their inspection costs, accelerate workflows and processes, and utilize higher quality data to drive strategic asset planning.

This webinar will cover a brief background of SewerAI and AutoCode™ computer vision in sewer condition assessment, its benefits and use cases, and a brief overview and live demo of the Pioneer™ cloud platform, as well as its newly-introduced features and capabilities. Customer success stories from recent projects will also be shared, as well as updates on SewerAI’s latest innovations, and announcements of new technologies being brought to market. The event will conclude with an interactive live Q&A.

Presenters: Eric Sullivan, Director of Business Development, SewerAI; Seth Nickinson, Head of Product, SewerAI; Billy Gilmartin IV, Co-Founder and CRO, SewerAI

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On-Demand Webinars

ARPA Grant Money Has Started: Act NOW to Secure Your Infrastructure Funding

The American Rescue Plan Act became law on March 11, 2021 (P.L. 117-2) and for the first time, all 19,000 municipal governments are entitled to a direct, noncompetitive federal formula grant from the U.S. Treasury Department.  Learn how you can secure infrastructure project funding for your municipality from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)!

Presented by Al Gordon, CEO, National Strategies Inc with insights from Insituform, Inframark, and leading industry associations.

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Fiber Jobsite Best Practices: Keys to Success

ditch witch logo

Join us for this live event – a free, 1-hour educational webinar.
It’s no secret that the Fiber market continues to boom. But are you taking full advantage of this growing market? Does your planning, process, training and equipment deliver on productivity requirements of the Fiber job?
In this webcast, we will discuss the following topics:
  • The fiber market: facts and figures
  • Developing a bore plan
  • Best installation methods for common challenges
  • Drill scenarios
  • Best practices in vacuum excavation

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Utility Structure and Tank Rehabilitation Using a Polyurea and Polyurethane Coating System

This webinar will discuss the Rehabilitation and Lining of Concrete, Masonry and Steel Structures using Polyurea materials. Learn about the differences between traditional coatings and what an applied Polyurea lining system offers. Join OBIC to learn what a Polyurea System is, when to choose them and what other advantages they provide compared to traditional coatings.

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Reaping the Benefits of Sewer & Culvert Rehabilitation – Trenchless Solutions for DOTs

Trenchless technologies have been the go-to method for water and sewer pipeline rehabilitation for more than 40 years. The same cannot be said for culverts, but the tide is slowly and steadily turning as more and more owners are applying trenchless technologies to culvert and drainage structure work.

This free webinar will offer a perspective from industry experts about the state of the market and the role trenchless technologies can and should play in the rehabilitation of these structures.

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Watertight Connections for Microtunneling and Concrete Applications

Hamilton Kent

Hamilton Kent has partnered with some of the leading microtunneling contractors and pipe producers to create gasket solutions for microtunneling projects across North America. Ensuring watertight connections for microtunneling applications is extremely important. A failure at a connection point can be costly to fix and, once the installation is completed, a leaking or damaged joint will weaken the soil over time and could cause issues like sinkholes. Hamilton Kent designs products with this in mind to ensure that quality and performance will meet or exceed project specifications. This webinar will cover our microtunneling product offering as well as present a few case studies where microtunneling contractors and pipe producers ensured watertight connections by choosing Hamilton Kent products.

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Adding GPR to your Utility Locating Toolbox


Join us for this live event – a free, 1-hour educational webinar.

Residential and commercial inspectors, electricians, and utility contractors are finding that using ground penetrating radar (GPR) provides a host of safety, efficiency, and revenue benefits.

Rather than relying as-builts and local knowledge to avoid unintentional digging into an underground utility line, many utility locating professionals are adding GPR technology to their locating toolbox to enhance accuracy on the job site.

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Third-Party D-Load Testing of Spray-Applied Liners

Join us for this live event – a free, 1-hour educational webinar. The Trenchless Technology Webinar will be focused on the Third-Party testing that was performed utilizing a D-Load testing station in 2018.  The testing performed consisted of 48” RCP.  Two pieces were D-Load tested without any polymer coating.  The pressure needed to create a .01” wide crack running down the lateral side of the pipe was recorded.  This cracking simulates a “failure” in the tested pipe.  Six additional 48” RCP’s were precracked to the same .01” width.  These pipes were then lined with a structural polyurethane liner with 250 mils, 500 mil and 1000 mils being applied in two 48” RCP’s at the respective thicknesses.

After lining the six pipes, they were all tested using the same methodology in the D-Load testing station.  The lined pipes were loaded until Ultimate Failure occurred.  This Webinar goes through the testing and compares the end results with the unlined RCP with the 250, 500 and 1000 mil lined pipes.

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Learn about ultra-high-build epoxy liners and how they are an upgrade to traditional epoxy coatings


Learn more about the differences between traditional coatings and what an applied ultra-high-build epoxy lining solution offers. Join Epoxytec to learn exactly what an applied ultra-high-build epoxy lining system is, when to choose them, and what other factors they can bridge compared to traditional coatings.

Today’s rehab and lining solutions offer end-users and asset owners a vast menu of technologies to choose from, including polymer coatings, such as epoxy coatings. The current range of coatings has also evolved. Traditional epoxy “paint” coatings that were designed some decades ago for simple immersion-grade protection against corrosion have been tuned up. Now, innovative manufacturers of coatings are offering completely overhauled applied polymer coating and lining products, bringing them into a category of their own – a category of applied ultra-high-build polymer lining.

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Delivering Reliability, Resiliency and Sustainability

Logistec Sanexen

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, water infrastructure resiliency is more important than ever. On June 2, Cornell University’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering issued its final Report “Performance Evaluation of Aqua-Pipe under Earthquake-Induced Ground Deformation” which details technical findings confirming that SANEXEN’s next-generation of water technology is proven to withstand severe earthquake conditions and natural disasters.

Experts Martin Bureau, VP Innovation at SANEXEN and Benoit Côté, President of SANEXEN Water will share how the resiliency achieved by the Aqua-Pipe technology has exceeded all known standards and outperformed every other solution on the planet and what it means for cities and municipalities across North America.

The webinar will outline how the next-generation of water technology delivers the highest degree of resiliency, reliability as well as being sustainable for the environment and the economy.

Join us for this live event – a free, 1-hour educational webinar.

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NASTT’s Pipe Bursting Webinar


This webinar will host a discussion on pipe bursting with the intent to educate owners and their agents of the benefits of this proven, alternative trenchless technology.

Industry experts from the NASTT membership will be presenting this complimentary webinar:

  • Alan Ambler, PE, LEED AP, AM Trenchless (Moderator)
  • Matthew Timberlake, Ted Berry Company LLC
  • Michael E. Woodcock, Portland Utilities Construction Company, LLC

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NASTT’s Introduction to Trenchless Technology – New Installation Webinar


This webinar will host a discussion on new installation methods, specifically horizontal directional drilling, microtunneling, open shield pipe jacking and auger boring.

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NASTT’s Introduction to Trenchless Technology – Rehabilitation Webinar


This webinar will host a discussion on rehabilitation methods, specifically sewer • spot repairs and pipe bursting.

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Water Asset Management Conference Online May Series

water asset management conferenceThis 2020 Water Asset Management Conference will be hosted entirely in an online format, allowing attendees the flexibility to log in to view single presentations or multiple, all without leaving the office. The best part? Registration is FREE for all attendees! This online series is geared toward executive-level decision makers of water, wastewater and stormwater utilities – CEOs, CFOs, directors, general managers, superintendents and asset management professionals – as well as engineers and consultants.

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