Vadnais Rebuilding Microtunneling Fleet

Vadnais Trenchless, a member of the Primoris Services Corp., is in the process of upgrading its microtunneling fleet. To date, the company has completely updated two its 1990s-era Soltau microtunneling systems with plans to rebuild a third in the near future. To help with the rebuilds, Vadnais has enlisted the services of mts Perforator. mts Perforator is certainly familiar with Soltau equipment; the company was founded in 2000 by former Soltau employees.

The rebuilt equipment features state-of-the-art guidance and operations systems, as well as data logging equipment. “The technology has advanced to the point where we needed to bring our old equipment up to date,” said Paul Vadnais. “The new controls and drives make the machines much more reliable.”

The refurbished machines include a 67-in. Sotau that Vadnais purchased used in 1995, and a 60-in. Soltau purchased in 1996 that was Vadnais’ first ever new microtunneling system purchased. That was refurbished first and has gone on to complete a 421-ft crossing project in Amarillo, Texas.

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