TT Photo ID Contest Winner Selected

The winner of Trenchless Technology’s 20th Anniversary Photo ID Contest is Dr. Sam Ariaratnam, professor at Arizona State University and chairman of the International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT), who correctly identified 174 trenchless faces. Finishing second was John C. Matthews of the Battelle Memorial Institute, who correctly identified 154 people. One thing is for sure: Sam and John know a lot of trenchless people!

For topping our contest, Sam wins an iPad3 — Congrats to Sam!

In honor of Trenchless Technology’s 20 years of publishing all things trenchless, we chose and posted 100 of our archived photos online, asking you to identify as many as you could. The contest ran through the months of July and August. The TT staff had great fun in selecting the photos used for the contest as hair, fashion and companies changed before our eyes. Thank you to those who participated!

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