2023 Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

The HDD Guide provides readers a comprehensive look at the Horizontal Directional Drilling industry to further their knowledge through a wide array of topics: drill rig and vacuum excavator specifications, design considerations, drill pipe, mud engineering, solids control, locating, tooling, plus 6 product directories.

As we discovered over the last 10-plus years of producing the HDD Guide — first one rolled off the presses in 2011! —there never been a lack of content to include in the HDD Guide. In fact, the content contained in each year’s HDD Guide just gets better and better, as we partner with the industry’s top experts for outstanding advice, perspective and knowledge to share with the Horizontal Directional Drilling community. The HDD Guide provides you an avenue to issues and challenges that crews face on a daily basis on the jobsite. Case studies are cool and we love to showcase them in Trenchless Technology but getting down to the nitty gritty and provide our subscribers with content they can use to make a difference in the way they design, drill and successfully complete their projects, is much more satisfying — don’t you agree?

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2023 Horizontal Directional Drilling Guide

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