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Reline Aptec photo

RELINE APTEC product manager Pires Firmino Barbosa and managing director Christian Noll

RELINE APTEC GmbH is a newly formed company within the RELINE UV Group offering solutions for the rehabilitation of pressurized sewer and gas pipes as well as pipes in potable water networks with UV-cured GRP slipliners.

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“The sector of pressurized pipe rehabilitation is different from the non-excavation rehabilitation with slipliners in the mirror area,” says Christian Noll, director of RELINE EUROPE, who has also taken over management of RELINE APTEC GmbH. “In many cases, we are dealing with different structures, both in terms of project development and customer groups.”

RELINE APTEC – APTEC stands for advanced liner technology for pressurized pipes – will sell UV-cured GRP slipliners specially developed for the rehabilitation of different pressurized pipes with custom solutions that have been tailored to this market.

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RELINE APTEC will introduce a total quality management (TQM) system, in which its customers are also integrated. This will oversee agreements concerning product delivery and consulting services as well as the fulfillment of specifications regarding the implementation of rehabilitation projects, according to Noll. This project contracting is intended to ensure that the rehabilitated pipes conform to the highest quality standards. “TQM – total quality management, since its foundation we have pursued a holistic management concept at RELINE EUROPE for continuous and extensive quality improvements of the liners installed on the construction site,” Noll says.

With the AlphalinerPN in its various versions, RELINE APTEC already offers a specially designed static and self-supporting slipliners for the rehabilitation of pressure drainage pipes.

In particular, the Alphaliner stands out thanks to its highly durable, seamless thermoplastic inner lining. In the “Darmstadt tipping trough test,” the AlphalinerPN’s abrasion resistance was barely measurable at 0.06 mm. Additionally, material samples also showed no visual changes during high-pressure purging with a load intensity of 450 watts per square millimeter (W/mm²). This shows that the AlphalinerPN fulfills all required standards.

The AlphalinerPN is a pressurized pipe liner in accordance with Class A of DIN EN ISO 11295. In the future, the Alphaliner will be offered for the rehabilitation of pressurized sewage pipes with an operating pressure of up to 16 bar.

RELINE APTEC is also offering new solutions for the rehabilitation of pressurized gas and potable water pipes. With the GasLiner, a GRP slipliner is being especially developed for the rehabilitation of pressurized gas pipes. Here, the company is involved in a research project for the gas distribution network in Great Britain on behalf of the Water Research Centre (WRc). The long-term study of these slipliners is currently under way in a pilot project in Wales.

A GRP slipliner for the rehabilitation of potable water pipe with an operational pressure of up to 16 bar is also in development. Hygiene certification according to KTW guidelines, DVGW W270 is expected shortly.