Berlin-based Frisch & Faust Tiefbau GmbH is the first to invest in RelineEurope’s REE4000. This also marks the delivery of RelineEuropes 50th UV-curing system.


Curing purely with UV light is possible with a maximum overall light output of 24,000 Watts, with the UV light curing hoseliner and high wall thicknesses up to DN 1800. For the first time, the REE4000 makes it possible to carry out the curing process in an extensively automated manner. The profitability of the machine speaks for itself as impressively demonstrated by the curing speeds: DN800 sewers – 110 m are cured in only one hour and DN1400, 103 m in only two hours.

Reline Europe

REE4000 from RELINEEUROPE – innovative UV system with maximum performance.

RelineEurope builds UV systems to individual customer requirements. Their innovative UV technology is developed and manufactured in its own factory for a safe and economic realisation on site, developed “by practitioners for practitioners.” Customers can choose between different systems based on the desired application, e.g. economic renovation of small nominal widths, large-diameter rehabilitation, mobile flexibility on site. Vehicle add-ons are jointly-designed based on the customer’s product.

RelineEurope’s UV-curing systems have the highest curing output in the market. Now, for the first time, featuring the new REE4000, which enables partially-automated curing, thanks to innovative Assistant-Controlled Curing (ACAS) which means less workload for system operators.

Customer experience and requirements feed into system development. For example, a QR code scanner can be used to read site data directly into the control software. Initial speed, puller feed speed, light output and internal liner pressure are configured automatically. The curing process is stopped automatically using the ultrasound sensors integrated in the UV light source.

Round the clock service

RelineEurope has put together a team of electrical technicians and mechanical engineers to advise and assist customers during commissioning of the UV systems on the building site. This service team is available to customers on building sites worldwide, also for short-term repairs, and also guarantees the minimisation of downtimes. The UV system service comprises remote diagnostics, 24-hour emergency assistance, site interventions, system maintenance and repair.

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