CUIRE to Hold Certification Schools in January

CUIRE will be conducting several certification schools in January. Below is the schedule of events for courses Jan. 26-27 in Houston:

Sunday, Jan. 26

Pipe School: Applications, advantages and limitations of each type of pipe, such as steel, ductile iron, vitrified clay, PVC, HDPE, fiber glass, etc., and new developments in pipe materials and jointing systems.
Geotechnical School: Geotechnical requirements for both trenchless and open-cut applications. Soft soils and rock investigations methods, and how ground conditions will impact trenchless feasibility and productivity. Case studies will include several projects from inception to completion and delivery.

Monday, Jan. 27

Advanced Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) School: Planning, design, construction, of large, mid and small size HDD projects from inception to closeout and delivery. Includes, tracking and locating, pipe loads, bore planning, drilling fluids, and case studies.

CIPP School: Pipe lining (rehabilitation, renewal) cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) method. Includes planning, design, construction, inspection, and QA/QC.

Pipe Jacking and Microtunneling School: Conventional pipe jacking, as well as pilot tube, microtunneling, horizontal auger boring, pipe ramming and case studies.

Pipe Bursting School: Pipe replacement using bursting and removal. Includes planning, design, construction, inspection, and QA/QC and case studies.

Registration at above courses includes provides a copy of the book, Trenchless Technology: Planning, Equipment and Methods. Special discount is available for government agencies, groups, and early registrations. For more information call CUIRE at (817) 272-9177 or E-mail:
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