2022 HDD Academy

2022 HDD Academy a Rousing Success

The 2022 Horizontal Directional Drilling Academy (HDD Academy), held Feb. 3-4, was a rousing success as attendees gathered in Scottsdale, Arizona, to further their knowledge in the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) market.

Benjamin Media, together with Arizona State University’s Del E. Webb School of Construction teamed once again to put this informative and well-respected training together. This year’s event was held at Arizona State University’s SkySong Center.

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HDD is rapidly emerging as the primary choice for owners when confronted with river, road and railway crossings or situations requiring minimal disruption to surface activities. The technique provides a less-disruptive method and, oftentimes, a lower-cost opportunity for utility pipeline installations. The goal of the HDD Academy is to establish an annual learning platform for owners, regulators, contractors and engineers focusing on the options and opportunities for future utility pipeline projects.

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Arizona State University awards 1.8 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon successful completion of the course. Registration is limited to provide quality networking with HDD industry leaders and maintain a low student-instructor ratio.

This year’s theme was “Undergrounding Utility Infrastructure.” HDD Academy program instructors are all industry leaders who covered numerous topics including risk mitigation and environmental noise control, HDD design, estimating and drilling fluids, undergrounding high voltage power transmission lines and vacuum excavation and tooling.

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The 2022 HDD Academy took place Feb. 3-4 at the Skysong Center.

Attendees were also treated a networking event at the Riot House, allowing them to informally interact with fellow HDD professionals outside the classroom.

Sponsors of the 2022 HDD Academy included Bentonite Performance Minerals, Digital Control Inc., Drilling Mud Direct, Herrenknecht, Underground Solutions, Vermeer, Ellingson, Environmental Noise Control, Wyo-Ben, LaValley Industries, E&M Supply Group, Rival Hydrovac, Transwest Truck Trailer RV and Underground Magnetics.

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For more information about the HDD Academy, including upcoming events and sponsorship opportunities, visit hddacademy.com.

(Photos courtesy of Michael Lubberger with Herrenknecht.)

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