Vermeer & Netafim Announce Strategic Marketing Alliance

Vermeer Mfg. Co. and Netafim Irrigation Inc. have announced a marketingalliance that will build on the complementary strengths of two of the leadingmanufacturers to offer innovative solutions to the subsurface irrigationindustry.

Under the agreement, Netafim will develop and market underground dripirrigation products that can be installed using Vermeer equipment.

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Technological innovation and environmentally sound applications were the keyfactors that shaped the decision for Vermeer to form an alliance with Netafim,according to Ed Savage, Vermeer segment manager. “Netafim has nearly 40 years ofexperience in supplying drip irrigation products and has earned the reputationfor providing its customers with practical solutions to modern irrigationchallenges including worldwide water shortages,” he says. “Netafim subsurfaceirrigation products use up to 70 percent less water than conventionalaboveground irrigation systems.”

“We are pleased to align ourselves with a leader in the industrial equipmentindustry,” says Mike Stoll, Netafim’s Landscape and Turf Division marketmanager. “As an industry innovator, Vermeer recognizes the need to developequipment that can help solve irrigation-based problems while raisingproductivity, protecting the environment and conserving water.

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Vermeer has developed a multi-blade vibratory plow attachment for its LM42and LM25 tractors to install Netafim Techline CV or Techline dripperline in theground. With minimal damage to the ground surface, the plow attachment cansimultaneously pull multiple rows of the water-conserving dripperline inturfgrass or gardens.