URETEK Holdings Adds AP/M Permaform Solutions to its Trenchless Services

uretek-logoURETEK Holdings, a soil stabilization and infrastructure rehabilitation company, is now a licensed provider of AP/M Permaform solutions for repair and trenchless replacement of underground structures.

AP/M Permaform is the developer and patent holder of several pipe and manhole lining and corrosion reduction methods that are used to rehabilitate and extend the useful life of aging infrastructure. Through the license agreement with AP/M Permaform, URETEK Holdings can now install AP/M Permaform solutions including PERMACAST structural liners, COR GARD coatings and CentriPipe (Editor’s note: See below for a video of the CentriPipe process) systems for repair and trenchless rehabilitation of underground structures.

“AP/M Permaform’s solutions are the perfect complement to URETEK Holdings’ products and service offerings for our customers with underground structures. In addition to URETEK’s Deep Injection process, we are confident that AP/M Permaform’s solutions will offer added convenience to many of our customers across the country,” said Kathleen Shanahan, CEO of URETEK Holdings.

URETEK will combine these products with its soil stabilization process to provide a comprehensive trenchless infrastructure rehabilitation service. URETEK stabilizes soils around a pipe or manhole by injecting a high-density geopolymer around the structure, stabilizing the soils and filling present voids. This process helps minimize any structural movement caused by loose support soils or moving water, while also sealing the structure against water intrusion or leakage.

“Adding AP/M Permaform’s solutions to our current product and service offerings just made sense, as we realized early on that URETEK was servicing the same customers as AP/M Permaform,” said Richard Kelecy, URETEK’s COO. “Oftentimes, our customers engage us to seal and void fill the outside of underground structures and another company to rehabilitate the inside. Now our customers can utilize URETEK Holdings as their one-stop shop for all their underground structure rehabilitation and repair needs.”

URETEK Holdings will launch the AP/M Permaform solutions services immediately in the Florida market and then expand to all 31 of URETEK’s state territories.

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