Trenchless Technology Canada Editor’s Message – Varied, Valuable Information

When we plan each issue of Trenchless Technology Canada, my goal is to offer a variety of topics in each issue from new installation related stories to rehabilitation topics.

Such is the case in this issue, which leads off with a large-scale microtunnelling project in Ontario’s York Region. The York Durham Sewage System Forcemain Twinning Project through the Town of Newmarket involved two of the longest microtunnelling drives, to-date, in Canada. The project, designed by GHD and completed by Ward & Burke, highlights the benefits of the microtunnelling method and showcases Ward & Burke’s capabilities.

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What I found most interesting about this project is that, as the COVID-19 induced shutdowns hit Ontario, Ward & Burke —despite being an essential construction service — opted to shutdown the project for four weeks. While a project shutdown is not unheard of, Ward & Burke made the decision on its own and while its two Herrenknecht AVN1800’s were 200 m into the two longest microtunnel drives on the project. Four weeks went by and the crews were able to fire the machines up and resume microtunnelling at the same jacking forces as when they left off! You can read more about this project and some of the other complexities.

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Additionally, we bring you stories about: An emergency CIPP repair in Markham, Ontario; grouting in Montreal; the benefits of GPR on SUE projects; and mud plans for Canada’s varied soil conditions.

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Now in its second year, the annual Trenchless Technology Canada Contractor Directory is here. Once again, Kelly Dadich and I have combed through the larger 2021-2022 Directory of the North American Trenchless Technology Industry, which publishes in the May issue of Trenchless Technology to find all our Canadian-specific trenchless contractors. Our goal with this narrow-focused directory is to connect our readers with the right contractors for their next trenchless project. If you’re a trenchless contractor in Canada and your company is not listed, visit and upload your information to be included in our 2022 directory.

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Educational Opportunity

As a reminder, the UESI Pipelines 2021 Conference, which was slated to be in Calgary in August, has pivoted to a virtual event, and it will take place Aug. 3-6. The technical sessions are finalized — including a trenchless engineering panel discussion hosted by yours truly — and registration is ongoing. For information on the event, visit

Other Thoughts

The goal of the Trenchless Technology brand is to connect the trenchless industry. Doing so takes input from system owners, contractors, engineers, suppliers and manufacturers alike.

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In this increasingly digital world, we’ve added podcasts to our repertoire, as another way to connect the industry. These are more impromptu, can cover a variety of topics and can be heard at

So far this year, my colleague, and fellow Trenchless Technology managing editor, Sharon M. Bueno has completed a trio of fascinating podcasts that focus on the 50th anniversary of the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) industry. She followed those up with a trio of in-depth discussions focused on the 50th anniversary of horizontal directional drilling (HDD). I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about the origins of two of the largest segments of trenchless construction industry, to give those a listen.

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If you’re interested in being on an upcoming Trenchless Technology Podcast, or if you have news and story ideas or other ways in which we can improve the magazine to better connect the industry, feel free to reach out to me at any time.


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Mike Kezdi, Managing Editor
O: 330-752-1916

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