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Trenchless Technology Canada Editor’s Message – It’s a Trenchless Celebration

Mike Kezdi

In May 2014, a major milestone took place. I attended my first trenchless industry event. Okay, that might be a personal milestone, but it’s related to the milestone I am referring to – the launch of Trenchless Technology Canada.

That’s right! We’re having a celebration over here at our world headquarters. Initially born as a one-off publication – in April 2014 – to help promote our biannual Trenchless Technology Road Show in Niagara Falls.

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For that issue, we took what we knew from our – at that point 20 years – of publishing the leading magazine focused on the North American trenchless industry and narrow-focused it on Canada. The reception to that May 2014 issue was outstanding.

The team at Trenchless Technology and Benjamin Media Inc. (our publisher) quickly realized that Trenchless Technology Canada filled a hole in the trenchless media landscape.

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So, what is a media company to do? We made the decision to publish a second issue in Fall 2014 and begin the quarterly publication of Trenchless Technology Canada in 2015.

In her Fall 2014 Editor’s Message, Sharon Bueno wrote, “It’s not like there is a shortage of material and issues to bring to readers. The Canadian trenchless market has always been a pretty robust and expanding market in both rehabilitation and new installation work.” And that has held true for the last 10 years.

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I am proud to say that I’ve been a part of this dedicated issue since its inception in 2014, and I took over spearheading our coverage with our October 2015 issue.

Trenchless Technology Canada Spring 2014 issue

I, like I am sure many of you, have learned a lot along the way. After all, that’s one of the goals of our magazine – to educate and promote trenchless technologies in underground infrastructure construction.
I encourage you to be part of this great coverage as we busily move along to the second quarter of 2024.

Whether you are a system owner, distributor, contractor, engineer or manufacturer, my email inbox and phone are always open. Feel free to reach out to me – contact info is at the end of the column – with news, story ideas or other ways in which we can improve the magazine.

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I am always available to chat about this growing, and ever-changing industry.

Renew or Subscribe to Trenchless Technology Canada

How do you subscribe to Trenchless Technology Canada?

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It’s simple, you can navigate to and fill out the form. Subscriptions are free. Our Canadian subscribers will automatically receive Trenchless Technology Canada quarterly, along with 10 issues of Trenchless Technology.

You have the option to receive the magazines in print format or, taking the green approach, a digital subscription is available. If you want the best of both worlds, opt to receive both. Best of all, subscriptions are FREE to all North American subscribers.

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For those who already subscribe, it’s imperative that you renew yearly. This assures that you won’t miss a single issue and that your most up-to-date information is in our database. I know in the trenchless industry job titles or locations can change quickly.

Please visit and update your information.

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Until next time,

Mike Kezdi, Managing Editor
O: 330-752-1916

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