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Trenchless technology, it’s a wonderful thing, but I don’t have to tell you that. You already know. You subscribe to Trenchless Technology Canada and you visit

As I’ve said in past columns, the key to expanding this industry is spreading the message across the globe.  A few months back, the Trenchless Technology/Trenchless Technology Canada team sat down to brainstorm fun ways to help promote the industry. After all, it is what we do in print, online and via our conferences department.

Out of those meetings came World Trenchless Day, which you can read about on page 26. Tradesmen have a day, plumbers have a day, toilets have a day, and, heck, even vanilla ice cream has a day. Why can’t our industry have a day?

I don’t want to spoil the story, but here’s a primer:  We envision World Trenchless Day, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of September (22-09-16),  as a day when the industry can come together — crossing party lines so to speak — and spread the positive message of all of trenchless’ benefits — safety, economics, environmental and social. The day is open to everyone in the industry — publications, blogs, manufacturers, students, organizations, educators, contractors, engineers, public works, etc. — because, as one of my favorite podcasters often says, “High tide raises all ships.”

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Who knows where this will take us? I, for one, hope that World Trenchless Day is raised to the level of World Toilet Day, World Water Day or World Television Day, all of which are formally recognized by the United Nations.

Follow this link to join the World Trenchless Day LinkedIn group.
According to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ “2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card” (CIRC), released in January, one third of Canada’s municipal infrastructure is at risk of rapid deterioration. The report states, “Investments in repair and upkeep are needed in the short term to prevent a rapid decline in the condition of municipal assets, according to survey findings. Furthermore, the report uncovered that reinvestment rates in Canada’s municipal infrastructure are not meeting target rates, despite continued efforts on the part of municipal governments. If this trend continues, the overall cost for infrastructure repair will increase substantially from where they stand today.”

Trenchless methods no doubt will play a pivotal role in these infrastructure improvements. It’s up to us — the entire trenchless industry — to make sure we are first on the call list when projects are tendered.

Speaking of spreading the trenchless message, our cover story focuses on Vancouver’s Sewer Operations department, which, after being rooted in open-cut construction methods, jumped into the deep end of the trenchless construction pool, tackling four projects in-house in 2015, all using trenchless methods. That trend continues in 2016 with several trenchless projects in the works.

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Continuing with the theme of spreading trenchless technologies’ benefits, this month we have a preview for the Trenchless Technology Road Show in Niagara Falls and a photo spread of Canadian exhibitors at the 2016 NASTT No-Dig Show.

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As I mentioned in our January issue, the Trenchless Technology Road Show, presented by the Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies (CATT) and Benjamin Media Inc., is easily the largest trenchless-specific event in Canada. The show is set for May 17-19.

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On the magazine side of the business, I will be at the Niagara Falls show, as will Hannah Schiffman, our regional sales representative. Let’s connect in Niagara Falls to talk about pending and completed projects, new innovations, the overall industry and how we can work together to spread the message of World Trenchless Day!

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