Ted Berry Co. Offering UV CIPP with Reline America’s Alphaliner


Ted Berry Co. has added UV CIPP to its services as a Reline America installer.

Reline America’s newest installer is a familiar face in the New England region and it marks the first venture into UV pipe relining for Ted Berry Co., of Livermore, Maine.

Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) fiberglass construction has been the standard for sewer pipe rehabilitation worldwide for more than 40 years, since its installation does not require the digging up of existing pipes. In the last decade or so, an advanced variation—called UV CIPP for its ultraviolet resin curing process—has dominated European and Asian markets. The Ted Berry Co. now makes this system available in New England through use of products manufactured by Reline America under the Alphaliner brand.

Alphaliner composite materials are ideal for the trenchless rehabilitation of industrial, storm, and sanitary sewer pipes in diameters from 6 to 54 in., employing UV light resin curing equipment and the Quality-Tracker System to assure proper installation and performance of the finished product.

Infrastructure is failing nationwide and failing sewer and drainage pipes can cause sewer overflows into homes and businesses and discharge to waterways. Preventive maintenance and rehabilitation of these systems is especially important in New England, whose picturesque beaches, rivers, streams, and wetlands make it a world-renowned tourist destination.

As the funding gap for replacement of these critical pipelines continues to grow, municipal utility owners and operators must find reliable, cost effective long term solutions for continued pipeline maintenance and rehabilitation. Reline America products installed by Ted Berry Co. provide such solutions for communities from Bangor to Boston, Downeast Maine to the Cape, Bar Harbor to Nantucket, Rangeley to Montpellier.

Founded in 1972, Ted Berry Co. remains a family-owned and -operated business providing pipeline cleaning, inspection, management, and trenchless rehabilitation throughout New England. The company has the experience, dedication, passion and solutions to help communities large and small maintain critical utility systems. For more information, contact Matt Timberlake at 207-897-3348.
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