Sprayroq application

Sprayroq Structural Protective Lining Systems

Orange County, FL, is home to one of the busiest utility infrastructures in the USA. When county engineers called Florida-based Engineered Spray Solutions for a manhole rehab, it was a dire situation. Situated in a bustling 5-lane intersection, the manhole was in emergent condition, deteriorated with a 6-foot by 5-foot hole in the wall open to the soil. The manhole was in danger of collapse. A prior contractor refused the work, citing the “structure was impossible to repair.” The county had consulted several utility contractors, but the price of open cut was north of $500,000 and a month of traffic detours.


ESS applied two inches of cement and rebuilt the bench in preparation. 1,000 mils of Spraywall® was then applied. The project took one day and saved the county $450,000. Only Spraywall® could provide the proven structural integrity needed to repair this critical infrastructure. Learn more about Spraywall® at Sprayroq.com


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