ShieldLiner Demonstrated in Rockingham, Australia

Vortex Pipes Ltd. (ASX Code: VTX) has successfully demonstrated the ShieldLiner System by completing an in-field relining project at Victoria Road, Rockingham, Western Australia. The liner was installed in a DN 300-mm concrete stormwater drainage pipe that was 35 m long and had both tree root intrusions and ground water infiltration through the old pipe joints.

Vortex rehabilitated the old concrete pipe by using the ShieldLiner System to install its epoxy resin and fibreglass matrix lining package in the old pipe. This is the liner package matrix that Vortex has developed for potable water relining solutions and is the first time that it has been installed in an in-field project.

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Vortex Managing Director Trevor Gosatti said, “The first field installation of our epoxy resin and fibreglass matrix used by ShieldLiner for refurbishing pipes is another milestone in commercialising the ShieldLiner System.”

“We had previously only installed ShieldLiner in the field using our vinyl ester and fibreglass liner matrix. Having now successfully installed the epoxy resin and fibreglass liner, we are one step closer to installing the same matrix for the water pipe refurbishment market. This is the same liner matrix that obtained potable water approval in Australia in May 2008,” he said.

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“With few relining technologies capable of relining large diameter pressure water pipes we believe the ShieldLiner solution will be well received by contactors and asset owners alike,” saidĀ Gosatti.

Vortex expects to complete other in-field jobs over the next few months to further demonstrate its capabilities. As the owner of the ShieldLiner technology, Vortex plans to commercialise the ShieldLiner System domestically through contracting arrangements and overseas through licensing and technology joint ventures.

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