SAERTEX multiCom LP Gets New General Manager

SAERTEX multiCom announced May 4, that Klaus Langenbach is the new general manager of SAERTEX multiCom LP, based in Huntersville, North Carolina.

He succeeds Mark Hallett, who leaves the company after many successful years of service. Langenbach will assumed his new role immediately and reports directly to Kai Diecks, global managing director.

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Klaus Langenbach


Langenbach joined SAERTEX multiCom’s U.S. operations as business development manager in April 2019. He brings extensive leadership and cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) experience to his new role, having worked for many years with teams of business development managers, engineers and technicians in the field of pipe rehabilitation in North America and Asia.

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He is immediately tasked with developing the current market, creating a larger customer base, redirecting the company’s focus to understand market needs, and creating new products and services.

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“With his previous experience leading an organization, I look forward to working closely with Klaus to develop and implement our strategy for future growth, which includes overseeing the construction of our new facility in Huntersville,” says Kai Diecks. “We feel confident that Klaus will help us reach our ambitious growth goals and make the North American organization a successful part of the global multiCom family.”


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