Radiodetection Wins International Utility Locate Rodeo 2010

Radiodetection was a winner again at this year’s ninth annual International Utility Locate Rodeo, an event that took place Aug. 7,in Atlanta.

“Radiodetection is proud to be a diamond sponsor of the event, which focuses on Damage Prevention technicians and their skills. I would like to congratulate all of the winners, and thank those who competed, or volunteered to help make the event a great success,” said Radiodetection sales director Peter Mann. 

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All utilities were represented and competitions were held for technicians in gas, power, telecom and water categories. Competitors compete in one category of their choice. Locator’s skills are put to the test at three different sites and the scores from all three event sites are used to determine the winner. Each locator is allowed 12 minutes per event site. Radiodetection came in first and third in Power, took second and third in Telecom and third place in Gas.

The bonus event, Locate from Hell (LFH) is open to any competitor. There is only one event site and the competitor has only three minutes to complete the locates. The division is judged on accuracy but time is of the utmost importance as it is very easy to “time out” on the event. Radiodetection took second and third place in the LFH event.

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Radiodetection is a world leader in the design and development of test equipment, used by utility companies, to help install, protect and maintain their infrastructure networks. Its products are vital tools for any industry involved in digging activities from major utilities to drainage, inspection, horizontal drilling, site contractors and more. Radiodetection is a subsidiary of SPX Corp.