Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions

Quanta Services Selects RB Asset Solutions to Manage, Redeploy Assets

Quanta Services Inc., has selected Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions to build an online inventory management system to help it better manage, analyze and redeploy its assets across its more than 50 subsidiaries and more than 200 operating locations across North America.

“At any given time, we have thousands of pieces of equipment on jobs all over North America,” said David Meisel, executive vice president, operations, Quanta Services Inc. “And many more at one of our more than 200 operating locations. With the new inventory management system designed by Ritchie Bros. we can now easily redeploy assets across jobs and subsidiaries before we go looking outside our company to purchase new equipment. RB Asset Solutions is already helping to drive efficiencies across our organization and increasing fleet utilization.”

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Quanta Services operates in the utility, pipeline, energy and communication industries, has the largest skilled labor force in North America — and 61,000 pieces of equipment in its fleet.

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Ritchie Bros., the world’s largest industrial auctioneer, launched the software as a service (SaaS) based RB Asset Solutions in late 2018 and already has a number of big-name users, including Toyota, Komatsu and Doosan Infracore Europe. The complete RB Asset Solutions tool set includes a cloud-based inventory management system, inspection app, personalized webshops, data analytics, valuation tools and more.

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“The core RB Asset Solutions product was built with customization in mind—we understand each company has its own unique strategies, so we built a product that is easily configurable to meet those needs,” said Logan Mellott, sales director, Ritchie Bros. “The inventory management system (IMS) is the central piece of the RB Asset Solutions toolkit. Managing 61,000 plus assets is not easy. It’s not something you want to track on a spreadsheet. With our IMS and its related inspection application, you can keep track of every equipment detail and share that information across your company instantly.”

SOURCE – Ritchie Bros.

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