Project of The Year 2016 New Installation Honorable Mentions

New-Install-HM-1Twinning of Etobicoke Creek Trunk Sanitary Sewer

The contractor, Dibco-CRS (a joint venture consisting of CRS Tunnelling and Dibco Underground), completed a critical infrastructure requirement from the Region of Peel to allow redundancy in the main trunk sewers. The project involved construction of 576 m of 1,800-mm ID sewer 10 m below the Active Runway 23 and Taxiways J and H at Pearson International Airport. This project also required construction of four new maintenance holes and modifications to two existing maintenance holes, including all associate appurtenances, fittings and temporary bypass pumping as necessary to complete the works.

new install honorable 1This new sewer enables the Region of Peel to use either or both of the twinned sewers at any time, which allows flow to be diverted into one sewer and allow inspection or rehabilitation of the other sewer in case of emergencies and to provide additional capacity for new growth within the Region.

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The launch shaft for the MTBM was built using a secant pile shaft, while the exit shaft utilized a rib and board type shaft. Tunneling commenced Oct. 27, 2015, utilizing a new Akkerman SL86P MTBM. The microtunnel drive was completed Dec. 3, 2015, and substantial completion was June 20, 2016. The hyperbaric chamber was designed to the tunnel face pressure. With pressure equalized, the MTBM face could be safely accessed by skilled divers. As the tunnel alignment ran beneath the two taxiways, a high-speed taxiway exit and an airside service road, extreme care and monitoring were required to ensure no impact to the operating surfaces resulting from the tunneling operations.

New-Install-HM-2Paradise Whitney Interceptor 668 & 669

The Paradise Whitney Interceptor in Las Vegas is a multiyear project that consists of 13 miles of large diameter pipeline (48 to 84 in. in diameter) constructed from Valley View Boulevard and Serene Avenue in the southwest valley to Nellis Boulevard and Flamingo Road in the southeast valley. The project will ensure adequate capacity and a more reliable system into the future.

Projects 668 and 669 combined comprise 55,000 lf of pipeline, including over 26,000 lf of trenchless construction, making it one of the most significant trenchless new installation programs in terms of footage undertaken in the United States. The trenchless portions of both projects are being completed by a joint venture of Pipe Jacking Unlimited Inc. and Frontier-Kemper Constructors Inc.

new install hm2For the trenchless portions of the project, Pipe Jack Unlimited/Frontier-Kemper used a combination of earth pressure balance tunnel boring machines (EPBM) and conventional slurry microtunnel boring machine (MTBM). The EPBMs (60-, 66- and 72-in.) were designed and manufactured by Tony DeAguiar and Pipe Jacking Unlimited while the MTBM was manufactured by Akkerman Inc. Additionally, Pipe Jacking Unlimited/Frontier-Kemper used a slurry separation system from Derrick. All of the trenchless pipe installed was Flowtite fiberglass pipe manufactured by Thompson Pipe Group in Zachary, Louisiana.

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The Paradise Whitney Interceptor is the largest trenchless construction project of its kind in the United States for well over a decade. The project started out with a total of 21,050 lf over 33 drives of trenchless construction by use of slurry and EPB TBM construction methods. During the project, the Clark County WRD elected to convert 5,000 lf of open-cut to trenchless, putting the trenchless total to 26,791 lf over 46 drives.
This story was compiled by the Trenchless Technology staff.
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