Premier Pipe Honors Installers

The Premier Pipe USA Awards of Excellence in Job Planning and Execution were recently given to three individuals who company president Jim Mortell believes exemplifies the best of Premier Pipe and what the company represents.

Honored with the award were: Mark Miles of Am Liner East, Scott Odell, Michels Pipeline Services and Tim Frew, Insight Pipe Contracting. They were selected by a special Premier Pipe committee.

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“All three men understand what it takes to make a CIPP project run successful and their experience tells them that job planning is the building block that leads to a successful job and then following up to assure that the proper planning is communicated for proper field execution,” Mortell said. “These three men work endless hours, living and caring that these ideals building the Premier Pipe USA name .They are special men who go above and beyond and that’s why our group decided to recognize there efforts.”