Picote Porvoo Finland

Picote Opens Trenchless Training Center in Porvoo, Finland

In October, Picote Solutions Oy announced the opening of a hands-on trenchless training center for international customers in the wastewater and water rehabilitation industries.

Picote has finalized upgrading the training facilities and hiring full-time employees with extensive in-house lining experience. The training center is conveniently located close to Picote CIPP Services and the Picote manufacturing facilities in Porvoo, Finland (approximately 45 minutes from Helsinki).

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The Picote Training Center in Porvoo offers a wide variety of training, including drain cleaning for plumbers and trenchless contractors, cutting and reinstatement, failed liner and concrete removal, connection collar installation and specialty classes focusing on CIPP lining inside buildings.

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“We are very excited to launch our training services to international contractors, in Finland, where we also have access to the Picote CIPP Services,” said Katja Lindy-Wilkinson, CEO of Picote Solutions. “We are in a very unique position to be able to combine the state-of-the-art facilities at our Training Center, with access to live job sites and our years of expertise as a trenchless in-house contractor,”

Picote now offers a global network of training centers located in England, Scotland, the United States and Finland for international trenchless customers.

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Picote Oy Ltd. is a trenchless contractor in Finland, renovating drains and sewers with the certified Picote CIPP lining method from DN50-225 (2 to 9 in.). Picote Solutions Oy Ltd is a global research and development, product sales and manufacturing company with more than 65 resellers around the world.

Together, the Picote companies, who hold more than 250 patents, innovate, test and manufacture products launched to the international drain, sewer and water pipe cleaning and rehabilitation markets for pipelines from DN32-300 (1¼ to 12 in.).

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More information about Picote Training Centers and Picote companies can be found at picotegroup.com.

SOURCE – Picote