RELINEEUROPE and the RELINE-UV Group has announced the transition of its leadership team positioning the company for its future growth.

The company spent its early years building up and expanding its production, developing new products and systems, tapping into new markets and globalizing its business alongside new partners in the United States, India and China.

Since the company’s inception, the leadership team of Ludwig Allmann, Bernd Flossmann and Christian Noll (pictured above) focused on the future to ensure the long-term success of the company, and to preserve and add jobs. At the end of 2019, the leadership team worked to get Bregal Unternehmerkapital Fonds on board to help meet the growing challenges, especially in connection with internationalization.

“We all have to acknowledge, that time does not pass by without a trace. Our sense of responsibility for our company, our employees and, also our customers drove us to look for suitable successors for the future,” notes a press release from Allmann, Flossman and Noll. “Over the last few months, the relative calm time caused by the coronavirus pandemic has given us time and opportunity for intense and lively discussions. Within a very short time, the ‘younger generation’ has shown us that they are able to deal with RELINEEUROPE and the RELINE UV-Group in a responsible and respectful way. At the same time, they are bringing their own approach to the business, which will certainly contribute to the further successful expansion of the corporate group.”

With new management of Frank Mersmann, Patrick Heimpold and Andreas Bichler in place, Allman, Flossman and Noll along with Bregal made the decisions to turn over the leadership of RELINEEUROPE and RELINE-UV Group to the new management team.

Allman, Flossman and Noll will continue to be available for advice and will remain in contact with the new management and Noll will be active in the company’s new advisory board alongside managers from Bregal. Noll will continue as managing director of the Pipetronics robot company.

Allmann, Flossman and Noll closed the release:

“The duties that Frank Mersmann, Patrick Heimpold and Andreas Bichler are taking on is a challenging one, especially since the previous owners had such a beneficial influence on the company’s culture, lived values, decision-making patterns, identification and motivation. We hope that all of you will give the new management the same level of trust you have shown us for so many years.

We know that the new management trio will address the diverse changes associated with the handover actively and courageously. Any handover is a process that demands structure and sensitive management. It is also a process that challenges people and their relationships in significant ways. We will be offering our support to this process in the future.

We want to thank all of you, and all our business partners, warmly for your outstanding and trustworthy collaboration over the years and decades. In some cases, we have been working with you for almost 30 years UV Liner on multiple projects. We have delivered liners with undeniable technical problems and even occasionally worried whether the completed renovations would work. But above all also we have enjoyed great successes and many unforgettable experiences and moments and besides that great people we were able to meet during this time. We are unbelievably grateful for the past years with you.”


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