New “Greener” Repairs for the United Kingdom

Ferro Monk Systems Ltd., one of the U.K.’s leading wastewater asset and pipeline rehabilitation specialists, recently announced that it has become the first U.K. approved contractor to use Ultracoat — a 100 percent solids epoxy sprayed coating system.

To coincide with the announcement, the company held an open house demonstration event at its new £1M facility in Leeds. Customers who attended the event came from as far as Inverness and watched demonstrations highlighting the benefits of Ultracoat.

Friendly on the environment, Ultracoat is a well-established process for relining, coating, up-grading and structurally reinforcing existing structures. Containing no toxins or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it is excellent in confined spaces as there are no combustion or hazardous material risks, it has high resistance to H2S attack and can be applied to damp substrates.

Originally developed in the United States by Warren Environmental, subsequently the material and its specialist application equipment was brought to the United Kingdom by Fernco Environmental, which in turn appointed Ferro Monk to be the first U.K. approved applicator.  

Ultracoat has been successfully installed to renovate many miles of pipes, tunnels and more than 45,000 manholes, tanks and chambers. It is also the only coating approved by the U.S. Navy for potable water, fuel, oil and sewage applications.
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