New AWWA Report Available

The American Water Works Association (AWWA)recently announced the availability of its report External Corrosion andCorrosion Control of Buried Water Mains by Andrew E. Romer, Graham E.C. Bell,Stephen J. Duranceau and Scot Foreman.

This new AWWA Research Foundationreport offers to water distribution operators and corrosion engineers the latestresearch findings on external corrosion of water mains.

The researchstudy reports on state-of-the-art corrosion control and monitoring practiceswithin the water utility industry, provides parameters and test procedures foridentifying the specific field conditions that lead to corrosion failures (suchas corrosive soil, aggressive groundwater, coating damage, dissimilar metals,stray currents, anaerobic bacteria and other conditions), identifies the bestsolutions for each type of external pipeline corrosion on each type of corrosivepipe material and offers a risk-based approach to pipeline corrosion managementsimilar to that used in the oil, gas and nuclear industries.
The report comesin the form of a 400-page, softbound book that includes a CD-ROM. For moreinformation, visit

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