Clay Pipe Inspection

NCPI Releases New CCTV Inspection Handbook

The National Clay Pipe Institute (NCPI) recently published a new handbook titled “Analyzing CCTV Inspection of Vitrified Clay Pipe.”

“As valuable as a CCTV inspection can be, human and software errors can and have resulted in expensive and unnecessary ‘repair’ projects that are difficult to justify,” according
to Jeff Boschert, president of NCPI. “This new handbook is designed as a tool for the reviewer or operator inspecting VCP to minimize the risk of misinterpretation.”

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The new handbook features 4K high-definition CCTV images in eight conditions, with two images at different defect tolerance levels for side-by-side comparisons.

Cross-sectional images of all joint types are included along with details on various cosmetic imperfections, and angular joint deflection analysis.

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Anyone reviewing or coding CCTV footage of new or existing VCP lines should have a copy of this book. The driving force behind this handbook is education with the goal of reducing the waste caused by incorrect observations.

Download your copy now at

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