NASSCO Member Research Reveals Need for Asset Management Support

As part of its ongoing mission to set industry standards for the rehabilitation of underground pipelines and to assure the continued acceptance and growth of trenchless technologies, NASSCO recently conducted research to understand challenges, concerns and opportunities within the underground industry.

The online survey was distributed to the current NASSCO membership base, which is comprised of contractors, municipalities, engineers, consultants and product manufacturers. A separate survey was also distributed to former NASSCO members.

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Consisting of 25 questions, the survey resulted in an overall response rate of 16 percent, with group responses as high as 22 percent. These high rates demonstrate NASSCO members’ commitment to the organization by their willingness to contribute their thoughtful answers and time to the completion of this survey.

Among other things, the research revealed that members believe NASSCO strengths include the clear focus on industry issues, as well as the standards that are set. Networking, education and training continue to be the leading motivators for membership in NASSCO, as well as the reasons for membership renewal year after year.

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When asked how NASSCO could help the industry in general and the respondents specifically, “asset management” was named most consistently. As a result, NASSCO is forming a new Asset Management Committee to address and support these issues affecting its members and the industry as a whole.
For more information, a summary of research findings may be found at