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Madewell Products Signs Master Distribution Agreement for Canada


Alpharetta, Georgia-based Madewell Products Corp. announced that it has signed a master distribution agreement with Go Trenchless Zone for the Mainstay product offerings of cementitious mortars and epoxy topcoats for the restoration and protection of underground infrastructure throughout Canada.

Effective Sept. 1, the Mainstay products from Madewell will be warehoused in Cambridge, Ontario, strategically located for convenience of shipping to both coastlines.

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According to Jonathan Steele, president of Madewell Products Corp, this agreement with Brian Gibson, CEO of Go Trenchless Zone (GTZ) has multiple purposes:

1 – Reduces shipping and cost of customs to contracting partners in Canada so they can generate more competitive and comprehensive bids,

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2 – GTZ will expand the specification of Madewell products and the Mainstay trenchless methods by engineering firms which is a one-on-one teaching objective with the specifier community.

3 – Reputation matters and Brian Gibson has vested 23 years in the trenchless technology industry and well known, respected throughout Canada.

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4 – Most import, businesses in Canada like to partner, invest, and support Canadian enterprises.

Brian Gibson sees this as a win/win opportunity for stakeholders who need to cost-effectively maintain and manage their underground assets in both the wastewater collection system and large diameter stormwater pipes. As well, utility contractors who serve municipal and county governments will have access to better products, better pricing, and outstanding education/training — the renewed purpose of Go Trenchless Zone.

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Because education is the way forward, a full day of instruction and demonstration is planned on Wednesday, Oct. 11 at the Go Trenchless Zone distribution center in Cambridge.

To demonstrate both confidence and conviction, Madewell and Go Trenchless Zone will sponsor an educational webinar with the editor of Trenchless Technology Canada magazine on Oct. 12. Visit, trenchlesstechnology.com/webinars to register for the free webinar.

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Madewell personnel from its U.S. tech support team will be on-hand with specialized equipment to prove the unique process associated with the Mainstay Composite Liner. Both events are complementary with one common purpose: teach what stakeholders need to know to make the best restoration decisions.

SOURCE – Madewell Products Corp.

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