Liner Products Holds Open House

Liner Products LLC held an open house at its Paoli, Ind., facility Jan. 28 to mark the official opening of its newly expanded manufacturing facility.

Liner Products, which manufactures soft lining tubes for the CIPP market, employs about 100 workers at the facility and recently completely construction of an additional 42,000 sq ft of its facility, bringing the total footage to 114,000 sq ft. The expanded capabilities allows Liner Products to now manufacture lining tubes up to 120 in. in diameter.

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The open house included local officials, industry media and Inliner Technologies, a sister company, and included a plant tour and lunch.

According to Liner Products Brent Buckalew, the company began exploring its options for expansion in mid-2008 and began actual construction that November. The project took approximately a year to complete.

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“The reasons behind the expansion are threefold: We needed the increased capabilities as we continued to grow, it allows us to expand our capabilities and increase the efficiency of our production process,” Buckalew said.

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