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We Asked Three Tooling Manufacturers to Discuss the Evolution of Their Products

The History of Rock (Tooling)

Keith Jackson, International Sales Director for Infinity Tool Mfg.

Rock tooling for HDD has seen significant advancements over the last 20 years, especially since the market-wide adoption of dual rod HDD rigs. PDC Bits have rapidly turned into the go-to technology for many HDD drillers looking for increased penetration rates in rock up to 25,000 psi. The evolution of Infinity’s PDC bit design for HDD has seen a dramatic change over the last 10 years, especially in the number of blades, blade design, nozzle number and nozzle diameter. General guidelines for this can be seen on Infinity’s website, under the Resources section. Infinity’s PDC bits are made from a one-piece high grade alloy steel body for strength and durability, available in sizes from 1 7/8 in. to 18 in. Watch out for new designs launching soon at

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Upping the Housing Game

Josh Parker, Director of Marketing at Melfred Borzall

Melfred Borzall’s 75 years of experience in HDD tooling may have begun with a “no frills, just drill” housing 30 years ago, but has evolved drastically to meet modern needs and varying ground conditions. Along with the growing adoption of HDD and an increasing number of jobs bidding for hard ground such as rock, shale and sandstone, the bolt-on housings needed a more reliable way to keep the blades secure as Melfred Borzall neared its fourth generation of housings in the mid-2010s. The result was the Pit Bull housing which featured dowel pin placement that mates the blade to the steer face to provide more than 100 percent sheer load capacity. Soon after, Melfred Borzall again hit the field surveying drillers for every frustration they encountered. The result was a transmitter housing designed by drillers. The new SD Housings are also configurable online ( to custom needs with a satisfaction guarantee.

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To read more, follow this link to download a copy of the 2021 HDD Guide.

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