TRUVAC vacuum excavator

Keep Your Vacuum Excavator Running Strong

Vacuum excavators are versatile machines that can aid in a variety of construction jobsite applications, from safe digging around facilities to spoils removal. However, there are a number of critical components of the trailer and truck-mounted vacuum excavators to keep an eye on to get the most out of your machine.

In addition to daily maintenance check points, such as fluids and filters, the key maintenance points are the blower, water pump, hydraulic system, chassis, grease points and air flow system, according to Ben Schmitt, Westech Vac Systems General Manager.

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Craig Svandrlik, West Coast Industrial Sales Manager for RamVac, provided a quick checklist of key items to check:

  • Final filter needs to be free of debris to breathe air through the blower.

  • Check oil on chassis, blower, transfer case and water pump.

  • Inspect cyclones for material and keep them cleaned out.

  • Inspect transition from boom into debris tank and be sure it’s free of rock or other debris.

  • Inspect boom and rear door seals for vacuum leaks due to poor sealing.

Maintain your equipment regularly and service issues as they happen, Svandrlik adds.

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Schmitt and Svandrlik sat down and provided a number of tips to help vacuum excavator owners and operators keep their machines running strong.

Why is regular maintenance important for vacuum excavators?

Svandrlik: To prolong the life of your investment and ensure the unit works at its peak performance. Your excavator is the tool which allows you to do your job every day. If your truck is not working as efficiently as possible, you are losing money due to decreased productivity.

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