InfraMetrix LLC, an industry leader in sewer mapping,inspection and diagnostic services, and CUES Inc., an industry leader inclosed-circuit television technology, have teamed to develop new product andservice offerings for storm water and wastewater collection system inventory anddiagnosis.

The first technology developed by the InfraMetrix-CUESpartnership is the CUES-IMX Camera. A zooming camera, the CUES-IMX camera willhelp collection system owners and operators reduce system operation andmanagement costs and increase performance. The technology used in the CUES-IMXSystem helps utilities get the complete picture of the pipe conditionefficiently and cost-effectively, so that they can identify and quickly addresssewer system needs and comply with CMOM and GASB-34 requirements.

TheCUES-IMX system offers a unique service to wastewater utilities for quicklylocating maintenance and structural defects that may cause sewer overflows. “Thetechnology rapidly gathers valuable information about the actual condition ofcollection systems, enabling the utility to implement prioritized cleaning andCCTV camera inspection, saving time and money,” stated Sandy Milley, CUESpresident.

According to InfraMetrix president William DiTullio, thealliance will build on the expertise of both firms. “CUES has a long-standingreputation for innovation and excellence in pipeline inspection andrehabilitation technology. By pairing their expertise with InfraMetrix’s uniqueinfrastructure diagnostic services, we can help utilities make intelligentchoices and prioritize investment decisions with comprehensive inventories andassessments.”

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