HydraLiner CIPP Lining System Receives NSF, ICC Certifications

HammerHead Trenchless Equipment’s HydraLiner cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining system has received two of the industry’s most highly respected certifications.

Independent testing by NSF International and the ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) determined that HammerHead HydraLiner meets or surpasses high-level plumbing and ventilation standards. Both organizations certified HydraLiner consumables in early January. The endorsements will now help CIPP rehabilitation contractors access projects in some of the country’s most restrictive markets.

HydraLiner is a complete CIPP system for lateral pipe rehabilitation with inversion drums, wet out tables and hydraliner-lined-elbowtrailers. The NSF International and ICC-ES certifications specifically endorse the safety and quality of HydraLiner consumables. These include liners for rehabilitation of pipes 2 to 12 in. in diameter and a variety of epoxy resins for different job requirements and working conditions.

The HydraLiner product line had already been certified to ASTM F‐1216 standards. Such independent, third-party certifications are referenced by federal, state and municipal regulatory agencies during the approval process prescribing which products may be used in projects under a particular agency’s jurisdiction.

“The NSF and ICC-ES certifications can be considered as a step above,” said Ryan Boldan, lateral product manager of HammerHead Trenchless Equipment. “Project designers refer to these certifications as guidance when their projects require such a high level of specification.”

The endorsements also reassure project stakeholders of the safety, durability and quality of the products. “These certifications are additional reassurance from two independent, highly regarded testing agencies that only the best materials are being used in their projects,” said Matt Gabrielse, certification manager for the HydraLiner product line.

The NSF and ICC-ES certification listings can be viewed online at the NSF website (http://bit.ly/1zFWXhX) and the ICC-ES Report at http://bit.ly/18UwyEt.
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