Geospatial Holdings Inc. announced April 28 the completion of its acquisition of Geospatial Mapping Systems Inc. (GMSI)

Mark A. Smith, founder and former CEO of Underground Solutions Inc., has been appointed the chairman and CEO of Geospatial Holdings. Thomas Oxenreiter has been named the chief financial officer and a director and Richard Nieman has been named executive vice president/corporate development and a director.

Smith stated, “Geospatial Holdings has been established to aggregate cutting-edge infrastructure technologies to allow us to gather and manage important spatial data which will assist municipalities, engineers, utilities and energy companies in effectively managing their global infrastructure assets.”

GMSI (dba Geospatial Corp.) is an innovative solutions provider of proprietary technologies that permit the accurate mapping of underground pipelines. GMSI’s technologies will permit Geospatial Holdings to economically collect, store and retrieve XYZ mapping coordinates of a pipeline centerline to create three-dimensional geographic information system (GIS) databases. GMSI is the exclusive licensee of the DuctRunner Pipeline Mapping Technology throughout North America, South America and Australia.
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