Vactor Mfg E-Stop Wrist Starp

Emergency-Stop Wrist Strap for Vactor HXX Vacuum Excavators Provides Added Safety for Operators

Vactor Mfg. recently introduced a wireless emergency shut-off wrist strap as an added safety feature for all new Vactor HXX vacuum excavators manufactured after January 2017, including the full- and mid-sized HXX HydroExcavator, HXX Prodigy and HXX Paradigm trucks.

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Vactor E-Stop for HXX LineWorn on the operator’s wrist, the emergency-stop device communicates directly with the wireless remote control on the Vactor HXX truck via Bluetooth technology. A locking ring on the wrist strap connects the emergency-stop device to the digging lance. The wrist strap also features a magnetic connection tethered to the ring. When the digging lance is dropped, the magnetic connection is broken.

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“With hydro excavation, it’s key to have a method to disable the water flow through the digging lance should the lance become uncontrolled” said Mike McClure, product manager of parts and accessories for Vactor Manufacturing. “Vactor supplies a standard on/off trigger with all vacuum excavators. However, the trigger can sometimes cause fatigue and can put the operator into difficult positions.”

The new industry-exclusive Vactor emergency-stop wrist strap provides an extra level of safety for both the vacuum excavator operator and the work area, triggering an emergency-stop condition that brings the truck to a safe condition when the magnetic connection on the wrist strap is broken.

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For more information on the new emergency-stop wrist strap available on the Vactor HXX vacuum excavators, or to schedule a product demonstration, visit or see your local Vactor dealer.

Vactor Mfg. – part of Federal Signal’s Environmental Solutions Group – specializes in sewer and catch basin cleaners, industrial vacuum loaders and vacuum excavators featuring innovative technology and custom configurable designs. Based in Streator, Ill., Vactor has more than 50 North American distributors in more than 100 locations to serve the municipal market, as well as 12 factory direct locations through FS Solutions for industrial customers in the United States and eight locations through Joe Johnson Equipment in Canada.
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