CIPP Helps Family-Owned Based Business Expand by Saving Their Customers $$

Frank DeCara, owner of Simply Service (Hiram, Ohio) had been thinking about expanding into CIPP lining for several years. Their business success had been predominately in drain cleaning. “As my sons Dominique and Dario joined the business, they were all gung-ho to try new things. At the WWETT show this year, as we were looking at all the expensive trailers we thought were necessary to launch a lining business, but, we knew we couldn’t afford the investment. Then MaxLiner. They helped us understand the necessities needed to get started, e.g., compact, mobile equipment.” Which included: 

  • Max LinerDrum ™ – a compact, lightweight, aluminum inversion drum that is easy to transport, holding the most liner capacity in its class – suitable for air, water, UV, and steam installations.  
  • Max E-Roller™ – also compact, an electric calibration roller that can be mounted to a table or easily transported closer to the worksite.  
  • Max HotKick™ 2.0  – Mobile, hot water curing system with a built-in recirculating pump and propane-fueled system.

Case in point. Simply Service was called out by a customer for a sewer pipe inspection during the renovation of a house to be used as an AirBnB/VRBO. After inspecting the aging pipe, it was evident it needed to be replaced, due to the extensive damage from roots – which were packed in at every joint. The sewer pipe ran from the basement under the house and the newly renovated porch. To excavate and lay in a new pipe would have been a huge expense and investment of time.  Simply Service recommended using Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) as a solution instead of replacing the aging pipe with new pipe. 

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Max LinerTube™ was selected for this project, which is flexible enough for 45° bends and minimal stretch to control the landing. For this reason, SCRIM Liner (LinerTube reinforced) was not selected due to the turns, as it not as flexible. SCRIM is the best selection when you need to hit your end mark within a millimeter. If there had been the need to transition from a four inch to a six inch pipe, then WovoX™ would have been selected (MaxLiner’s newest innovation), with the ability to transition liners to multiple sizes while maintaining finished thickness and landing consistency! 

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With the help of Chad Miller, Technical Services Manager at MaxLiner, the team were trained at the shop a few days prior on all the equipment, and most importantly, were set up for success as Miller led them through the process of organizing all the materials needed, down to the clamps, for the project the next day. Simply Service jetted the line the day before and removed the roots. On site the day of shooting the liner, they discovered a 2nd sewer line heading out back to another home on the property, which they plugged up quickly and successfully shot their first liner.

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Bottom line, CIPP saved this homeowner a great deal of time and money – and Simply Service has a new source of revenue!

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