CertainTeed Offers Online Pipe Flow Calculator

CertainTeed is helping municipal water utilities and consulting engineers make the most economical and energy-efficient pipe material choices for their water distribution systems with its new, easy-to-use online pipe flow calculator. By selecting the right pipe, the utilities can help reduce the amount of energy required to pump drinking water to customers.

For most municipalities, a substantial portion of the annual budget is spent on the energy used to distribute water. One of the best ways for municipalities to make their water distribution systems more energy-efficient while decreasing their operating costs is to select a pipe material with high flow performance ratings. CertainTeed’s online pipe flow calculator helps municipalities make a more informed choice, as it compares PVC and HDPE pipe across several different factors that influence the cost of owning and operating a water distribution network. These factors include pipeline material cost, installation cost, pipe flow, pressure, pumping energy requirements and pumping energy costs.

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The pumping energy costs are calculated, by state, based on electrical rates provided by the U.S. Department of Energy, to determine the net present value of a water distribution system’s future energy consumption. Through this function, users are able to compute the costs of a particular water distribution system over a specific time period.

“When a water distribution system has high flow performance, pump stations don’t have to work as hard to distribute water, which reduces energy consumption,” says Steve Gross, director of R&D and technical services for CertainTeed Pipe. “CertainTeed’s new online pipe flow calculator facilitates a rapid comparison between the flow performance and long-term operating costs of water distribution systems by determining the critical flow properties of each pipe material.”

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The CertainTeed online pipe flow calculator is available at http://pipingcalculator.compnetinc.com/. For more information, go to www.certainteed.com, or call 866-CT4-PIPE.