TheASCE Pipe Bursting and Pipe Ramming Task Force is busy working on preparing theASCE Manual of Practice on Pipe Bursting.

The task committeefirst met on July 31, 2004, in conjunction with ASCE Pipeline 2004 in San Diego.During this meeting, a tentative table of contents was prepared and anaggressive schedule of completing the manual by August 2005 was selected.

The second meeting was held on Oct. 12, 2004, in conjunction with WEFTech conference in New Orleans, where the task committee refined the table ofcontents and prepared several sections.

The third meeting was held onJan. 26, 2005, in Houston. In this meeting, the task committee was divided intoseveral subcommittees and charged with preparation of each section. The sectionsthat will be included are General Planning Phase (including introduction andbackground, history and related documents), Pipe Materials, Design andPreconstruction Phase, Construction Phase and References. The completion datefor the subcommittees was set for March 24, 2005.

The upcoming meetingthat will be held on April 26, in conjunction with No-Dig 2005 in Orlando, willreview each section and prepare the final draft. The final version of the manualwill be evaluated and approved during the meeting schedule in August inconjunction with ASCE Pipeline 2005 in Houston. After this meeting, the manualwill be sent for final review of blue ribbon committee and ASCE PipelineExecutive Committee.

For more information on the manual and/or tocontribute on its preparation, contact task committee chairman Mohammad Najafiat (517) 432-4937 or

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