Aquam Acquires Pipeline Assessment Firm JD7

Aquam, a world-leading clean-tech firm, and JD7, a United Kingdom-based company that offers pipeline assessment technologies, has reached definitive terms for the acquisition of JD7.

Aquam’s addition of JD7 and other subsidiaries, these being Nu Flow Technologies and Nu Flow, creates a tandem of diagnostics to assist Nu Flow working inside closed loop piping systems (such as water mains and fire suppression systems), as well as the ability to rehabilitate these inside infrastructure systems without destruction.
JD7 is a global technology provider focused on pipeline assessments and pipeline inspection solutions. JD7 provides condition assessment, leak inspection/detection and a large range of unique survey products. JD7 offers sales and or services with all their technology along with training on all no-dig technology. These solutions address problems to a sizeable market, including both water and gas utility companies across the globe. JD7 products can access and survey mains from as small as 2 in. to an unlimited size.

“This acquisition solidifies our position in the world as the No. 1 small diameter pipe analytics and repair service,” Nu Flow CEO Cameron Manners said. “The technology that will be in the hands of hundreds of Nu Flow licensees worldwide will create a driving force that will become the preferred solution to aging infrastructure.”

“This will greatly enhance our market place in the United States and other regions where Nu Flow has over 300 licenses for the smaller diameter mains,” JD7 managing director Stuart Hamilton said. “And will allow us to expand our sales and service division for the large diameter mains using JD7’s LDS1000 for leakage surveys and other specialist technologies that are at the forefront of technology available in the world today.”
The Aquam group will fully address the failing infrastructure problem that has been plaguing the world for decades in all materials and all diameter mains in every situation from sewage to water to gas. 
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