Pipeline Leadership Conference

Announcing the New Pipeline Leadership Conference

The first Pipeline Leadership Conference will be held on Nov. 4-5, at the University of Denver. Join contractors, engineers, pipeline owners, gas utilities and other industry thought leaders for a two-day conference focused on innovative approaches and best practices for managing new construction, ensuring safety, improving efficiency and overcoming challenges from inside and outside the industry.

Benjamin Media will be providing CEUs to all attendees upon successful completion of the conference. Topics will include:

  • Collaborating with Stakeholders: Engaging Owners, Operators, Contractors Land Owners and the Public

  • Communicating with the Public: Improving Public Perceptions through Engagement and Education

  • Talking Straight: Managing Misconceptions and Educating the Public

  • Project Delivery: From Bid to Contract, From Plan to Execution

  • Leading the Charge: Project Development Strategies

  • Land Management: Negotiating with Owners

  • Crisis Management: Public Communication and Ensuring Environmental Safety

  • Quality Control: Methods for Ensuring Safe and Reliable Infrastructure

  • Fostering Innovation: Introducing New Technology and Business Practices

  • Market Outlook: Oil and Gas Pipeline Investment in North America

  • Business Partnerships: Creating Better Working Relationships between Owners, Operators and Contractors

  • Improving Work Procedures: Implementing Best Practices and Process Management Tools

Registration Discounts:

  • Register before 10/2 and receive a $100 discount.

  • Receive an additional $100 discount if you’re a member of any of the supporting associations listed below.

Supporting Associations:

  • Distribution Contractors Association (DCA)

  • International Pipeline and Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA)

  • Pipeline Contractors Association of Canada (PLCAC)

For registration questions, contact Vicki Miner at vminer@benjaminmedia.com. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Brittany Maurer at bmaurer@benjaminmedia.com or call 330-467-7588. Visit www.plconference.com for more information.

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