Wyo-Ben’s Pat Kelly Retires

Wyo-Ben Inc. recently announced the retirement of Pat Kelly, who worked for Wyo-Ben as a technical sales engineer for 19 years and is now on his way to enjoying time away from the “mud business.”

In a press release, Wyo-Ben said that he has been one of the chief instructors at the annual Wyo-Ben Mud School and worked with hundreds of contractors in the HDD, oilfield, and water well industries. He made a countless number of presentations for drillers and distributors and performed on-site support functions throughout North America, Asia, Europe, and South America. His low-key approach to promoting good drilling techniques has been well received by both his students and his peers.  

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“Keep it simple and plan for success” has long been his mantra. He believes in understanding ahead of time what will get you in trouble and being proactive to best prevent the problems from happening in the first place.

His second passion, other than “mud,” is flying his model airplanes and over the past couple years he has been preparing for the time he could dedicate more attention to his hobby.  He will greatly be missed in the drilling industry, whether water well, oil and gas exploration or HDD.

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