WWETT Show 2020 Preview: PROs Ready to Convene in Indy

Municipalities, plumbers, sewer contractors and wastewater professionals return to the Indianapolis Convention Center Feb. 17-20 for the annual Water and Wastewater Equipment Treatment & Transport Show (WWETT Show).

Billed as the largest annual U.S. trade show for the wastewater industry, The WWETT show remains a must-attend tradeshow stop for trenchless sewer cleaning professionals. The show is attended by more than 12,000 wastewater and environmental services industry professionals each year and offers up the latest products and technology in the environmental service industry, as well as providing educational seminars and workshops that are led by industry professionals.

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Attendees will have access to more than 600 exhibits. Live demos continue to be a cornerstone of WWETT and this year WWETT Live features demos from HammerHead Trenchless, NozzTeq and GapVax. The Marketplace (show floor) will have demos by Maxliner and Madewell Products.

WWETT features more than 100 educational sessions over the course of the event, led by leading associations and manufacturers. The conference sessions get started on Monday, Feb. 17 for non-municipal attendees. New this year are tracks focused on smart wastewater. More sessions are scheduled for Feb. 18-20. The educational tracks include municipal sewer and water, marketing, business strategy and leadership, certification classes, NASSCO, new professionals, sewer and drains clean-inspect-maintain and more. There are also two technical tours scheduled for Feb. 20.

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The WWETT Show is all about education, but networking is also a key component of the event. Organizers have planned a Women in the Industry Fun & Games event on Feb. 19 details are available at the show. The Industry Appreciation Party returns and is sponsored by Spartan Tool and Picote. New this year is a button wall to help you identify/approach people in a similar industry as your own. New this year is the NAWT Shoot Out at Lucas Oil Stadium from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Feb. 18. The purpose of the contest is to bring awareness to the updated Federal Regulations regarding Pre-Trip inspections.

The Pipe Cleaning PRO team will be there to take in the latest trends and technologies that the industry has to offer. For more information, visit wwettshow.com.

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ARIES Industries

Aries Industries’ self-propelled, electric Wolverine 2.0 Cutter offers unparalleled capabilities for pipe rehabilitation, lateral reinstatement and sectional repair. Operating in 6 to 18 in. pipes, Wolverine 2.0 delivers maximum cutting power and accuracy. Wolverine 2.0 features advanced ergonomic fingertip control and its compact profile, all-wheel drive and adjustable speed and axis movement offer unmatched maneuverability in tough terrain. Multiple wheel configurations match pipe conditions and a stabilizing lift ensures balanced operation. Every element is built to maximize uptime. The camera uses field-replaceable glass and the two-speed motor is field repairable. The camera comes equipped with a lens scraper to keep the camera clear without retrieving it from the pipe. The Wolverine 2.0 is operated with a dual joystick controller equipped with CANbus technology, touch screen display and integrated DVR. Booth #6301

GENESIS water recycling sewer cleaner from Cappellotto by Sewer EquipmentCappellotto by Sewer Equipment

The GENESIS water recycling sewer cleaner from Cappellotto by Sewer Equipment employs a passive separation approach, which includes a true five-stage separation process. Using gravity, it separates water from sludge. The GENESIS is able to work effectively and efficiently in grease and lines containing water with any size impurities, as there are no filters to become clogged. It has a 13-yd stainless steel debris tank, a 1,500-gal stainless steel water tank, a 90-gpm at 2,500 psi water pump designed specifically for recycled water, a positive displacement blower with 3,000 cfm at 27-in. Hg with 6-in. system, and 800 ft of 1-in. sewer hose. With a boom reach that is adjustable from 15 to 21 ft from the center of the truck, the Smart Boom assembly has 65 ft of vacuum tube, providing the ability to vacuum 30 to 37 ft below grade without adding additional tubes. Booth #3417

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CUES’ latest Grout/Rehabilitation product lineCUES

CUES’ latest Grout/Rehabilitation product line, CUES LOCK, includes structural point repair systems designed to be used for stand-alone spot repairs or to enhance quality and simplicity of cured-in-place (CIP) relining. CUES LOCK products are easy to install, require very little equipment, and most repairs can be carried out in live sewer operating conditions. Proven CUES LOCK technologies do not require digging or external point repair. CUES LOCK product line includes: CUES LOCK stents for a quick and easy way to bridge holes, voids, cracks and weakened/broken sections in pipes to help and allow easy installation of any type of cured-in-place pipes through the stents. CUES-Lock Structural & Sealer Sleeves to restore damaged areas to full structural strength and seals infiltration. CUES-Lock End Sealers are used to seal the annular space between the CIP liner and the host pipe at the pipe ends. End Sealers prevent the ends of the cured-in-place liner from delaminating or sagging from the host pipe. Booth #6039

The ZIP-ZIP REVOLUTION from Drain Rehab SolutionsDrain Rehab Solutions

The ZIP-ZIP REVOLUTION from Drain Rehab Solutions is a flex shaft high-speed drain cleaning machine that is available with either 125 ft of 3/8-in. or 100 ft of 1/2-in. premium flex shaft cable. It is powered by a Milwaukee Hammer Drill, and the cables can be used in clockwise or counter clockwise rotation at speeds of 1,500 and 3,500 rpm to cut tree roots, descale cast iron or remove blockages. It is possible to use the machine while keeping an inspection camera in the pipe, allowing the user to watch live as they surgically perform precision spot cleaning with no more guessing. The 3/8-in. cables can pass through 3- and 4-in. P-Traps and U-bends. The cable has a bright green flexible casing for easy camera viewing. Booth # 6955

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Duracable’s portable and powerful DM138 drain cleaning machine Duracable

Duracable’s portable and powerful DM138 drain cleaning machine is a plumber’s favorite for drain cleaning versatility. Popular with maintenance managers for clearing pipes in apartment buildings, as well as for drain cleaning pros that need a small drain machine for residential jobs. Tight quarters are no problem with this agile machine. It fits on a countertop and can be operated in a horizontal or vertical position. The DM138’s ¼ hp motor outputs 230 rpm to tackle any residential clog you throw at it, and comes with an industry-leading 2-year guarantee. Our best-selling DM138A2 is made in the USA and includes an air foot pedal and two cable drums – you get a 14-in. enclosed polyethylene reel with 3/8-in. by 90-ft drain cable plus a second 8-in. enclosed polyethylene reel with ¼-in. by 37-ft cable. Booth #1419

THE SHOOTER is the original continuous air-inversion machine for CIPP Emagineered Solutions

THE SHOOTER is the original continuous air-inversion machine for CIPP and for over two decades the innovative LIPs-based sealing system has been a standard in the trenchless industry. Fast and reliable, two models are available, an updated ruggedly mobile THE SHOOTER 12 with built-in lubrication system and knife gate for after the tail passes for 6 to 12 in. pipe, and a trailer-mounted THE SHOOTER 24 for 15 to 24 in. An optional conversion kit for the 12 inverts 15 in. liner, and one for the 24 inverts 6 to 12 in. using the larger machine. A water cure flange is also available. The new lubrication system includes a very popular oil overspray guard that keeps the operators dry. The fully adjustable, structurally reinforced LIPs are more robust than most other sealing systems and are available in 4 through 24 in. Booth #6853

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The Grab-All from Flushquip is designed to remove sticks, stones, concrete, and other debris. It’s ideal for grease traps, septic tanks, lift stations, manholes, and excavation holes. The Grab-All is made completely out of stainless steel and aluminum. Its powerful jaws can grab items from 4 to 15 in. in size. This compact unit is only 39 in. tall and weighs only 12 lbs. It can reach up to 30 ft in depth, and additional rope can be added to reach unlimited depths. The Grab-All can save the operator costly downtime and PPE expenses to avoid entering confined work spaces, and is a must have on every service truck. Booth #4742

Formadrain is a steam-cured, push-in-place and pull-in-place lining systemFormadrain

Formadrain is a steam-cured, push-in-place and pull-in-place lining system used for lining laterals, spot repairs, industrial process pipes and LMC Lateral-Main-Connections. Pipe diameters range from 2 to 48 in. Steam curing means cure control, and that means quality control. Formadrain has a track record of reliability with its standard and industrial-strength epoxy. Also try our new 60-day, open-time epoxy, Durapox. That much work time means no liners lost over time restraints or unforeseen difficulties, no unneeded rushes that can cost big. Crews can focus on its work without stress. Tired of preparing the liners? We’ll ship them pre-wet. Our new Plumber’s Kit will also make it as easy and low-cost as ever to start steam curing liners. Booth #5811

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HydroBurst 100XT static pipe bursting system from HammerHead TrenchlessHammerHead Trenchless

Pipe bursting contractors now have 99 tons of pulling force for their sewer, water and gas line replacement jobs from the powerful, compact HydroBurst 100XT static pipe bursting system from HammerHead Trenchless. Featuring tethered remote control, the streamlined 100XT pays out rod very quickly due to the pipe industry’s first automated rod spinning assembly and the unique design of its hydraulic cylinders. The unit weighs just 3,200 lbs and is only 39 in. high by 30 in. wide. The pulling machine’s water-cooled PP4500 hydraulic powerpack with 72.7 hp Kubota engine pumps hydraulic fluid at up to 43.5 gpm and 4,500 psi. In 50-ton mode the unit directs all hydraulic fluid to just two of the cylinders, which then can move twice as fast as in 100-ton mode. Although some jobs will require access to the machine’s 100-ton capacity, jobs that require 50 tons of pullback or less mean the actual pipe burst will also be done that much faster. Booth #5421

The Ultimate Drain Cleaning Business Package by HotJet USA HotJet USA

The Ultimate Drain Cleaning Business Package by HotJet USA features the HotJet II Hot/Cold Water Trailer Jetter with 10 gpm at 4,000 psi output, 35 hp Vanguard engine by Toyota, the package also comes with a hand held jetter, utility locator, inspection camera, operation and safety training at the HotJet USA manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City and freight paid to the lower 48 states. Priced at $39,995, with monthly payments starting at $695 with 20 percent down O.A.C., this package is built for the plumber ready to add a jetting division to their business. Booth # 4305

Roots TrinadoTM 1125 DVJ Tri-lobe dry vacuum blower from HowdenHowden Roots

The Roots TrinadoTM 1125 DVJ Tri-lobe dry vacuum blower from Howden, has been redesigned to incorporate the latest technology for reduced noise and vibration. Features include: Cast foot design reducing vibration. Progressive chamber design reducing noise and provides cooler operation. The casing is one-piece, close-grained, cast iron construction, heavily ribbed to prevent distortion under sever operating conditions, Roots Whispair feature reducing pulsation, horsepower, and noise levels. High tensile strength, ductile iron, closed-end impellers, operating without liquid sealing or lubrication. The shafts are 3-in. diameter alloy steel forgings flange connected to the impeller body. The impellers timed by splash lubricated, alloy-steel spur gears. The impeller/shaft assemblies supported at each end by anti-friction bearings. The patented jet spray oil slinger system provides lubrication to gears and bearings. Booth #2134

The Reaper Rotating Jetting NozzleHydraFlex

The Reaper Rotating Jetting Nozzle is designed and engineered specifically for jetting applications. The Reaper’s rotating front jet is a 0-degree, straight water stream that blasts at up to 4,000 psi while rotating. Optimized stream quality results in greater impingement, allowing you to use one tool for various applications (cutting, cleaning, removal, etc.). Reaper’s four rear jets create a 20-degree angle for maximum thrusting and pulling power. This heavy-duty, high impact nozzle is constructed with a stainless-steel housing and tungsten carbide wear surfaces to withstand harsh environments and provide longer life than ceramic nozzles. Booth #2036

SL-RAT (Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool)Infosense

Stop cleaning clean pipes and focus collections resources with the SL-RAT (Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool). InfoSense’s award-winning acoustic inspection technology allows operators to screen 10,000 ft per day at one-tenth the cost of cleaning or visual inspection. Screen with the SL-RAT to determine where 10 to 35 percent of pipes with blockages are in your collection system network and prioritize cleaning investments. Easy to use, highly portable and GPS-enabled. Over 100 million ft inspected. InfoSense is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and is the sole manufacturer of the SL-RAT. Booth #5432

Jetstream of Houston LLP’s 43,500 psi (3,000 bar) MagDart X40 nozzleJetstream

Featuring a durable, stainless steel body and stainless steel internal parts, Jetstream of Houston LLP’s 43,500 psi (3,000 bar) MagDart X40 nozzle has two head configuration options: a polishing head for removing heavy scale build-up, and an unplugger head for obstructions in plugged pipes. The nozzle’s magnetic, eddy-current braking system controls the rotation speed for reduced wear and increased impact without streaking. The MagDart X40 features a patented rotary seal cartridge for a quick seal change, and a removable head for torque and nozzle configuration changes. Jetstream’s J-Force Series nozzles are available in three sizes for use in 2-, 4- and 6-in. pipes with 90-degree bends. Available in pressures up to 22,000 psi (1,516 bar), these field-friendly nozzles require no high-pressure seats or seals and no special fluids. Angled jets allow the J-Force nozzles to clean and rotate through pipes with bends. The eddy-current braking system controls the rotation speed for reduced wear and increased impact without streaking. Booth #5045

Kaiser Premier’s AquaStar Water Recycler Sewer CleanerKaiser Premier

Kaiser Premier’s AquaStar Water Recycler Sewer Cleaner has been proven worldwide over the past 35 years. Achieve up to double the production gain over traditional cleaning methods and up to 10,000 gal of fresh water savings per day. The Kaiser KDU single-piston jetting pump delivers up to 132 gpm of water with pressure up to 2,900 psi for large diameter pipe applications. The combination rear-mounted jetting hose/suction boom allow optimal positioning at manholes for quick, efficient and safe cleaning operations requiring only one operator. The boom hose reaches 32 ft deep without any extension tubes, saving both set-up/tear-down time. Intelligent controls optimize operational speeds resulting in lower fuel consumption and maximized fuel cost savings. Maximum hose reel capacities are 985 ft with 1-in. hose and 720 ft with 1.25-in. hose. Vacuum hose reaches 36 ft deep from ground level without extensions. The truck features fast pressurized off-load functionality. Booth #6715

KEG Technologies family of controlled rotation nozzlesKEG Technologies

KEG Technologies family of controlled rotation nozzles, the Aqua Power Clean product, is designed to operate year after year with minimal maintenance and no need to rebuild the nozzle. Designed with a unique rotation control mechanism, there is no need to rebuild the nozzle and other than ensuring the inserts are unblocked, it is maintenance free. This ensures the tool is “work ready” every day and reduces cost of ownership. Roots, grease and deposits are no challenge for this reliable tool. This family of nozzles comprises the three following models: Aqua Power Mini for use with 0.5-in. jetter and pipe sizes from 4 to 8 in. Aqua Power Junior for use with 0.75- to 1-in. hose and pipes 6 to 12 in. Aqua Power 700 for use with 1- to 1.25-in. hose and pipe sizes of 6 to 24 in. Booth #3401

MaxLiner USA is introducing a compact inversion drum and electric calibration roller MaxLiner USA

MaxLiner USA is introducing a compact inversion drum and electric calibration roller to maximize your installation efficiencies on the jobsite. Max LinerDrum – New aluminum inversion drums are designed to be compact, lightweight, easy to transport and hold the most liner capacity in their class – suitable for air, water, ultra violet (UV) and steam installations. Maxliner cuts down the weight and size without cutting corners. Each unit is tested for safety and quality. The larger spindle wheel and access port location allow for more control during the loading and inversion. Max E-Roller – A compact electric calibration roller that can be mounted to a table or easily transported closer to the worksite by unlocking from the detachable baseplate. Ideal for a small crew wetting out longer liners with a diameter range up to 12 in. This 48 lb, 110v powered unit operates with a foot peddle, allowing for a hands-free operation. Booth #1151

Mongoose Jetters Model 184Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment

The Mongoose Jetters Model 184 is this brand’s best-selling sewer jetter unit, with reliable features such as the Mongoose Run Dry Pump at 18 gpm at 4,000 psi, tubular steel frame, corrosion resistant pre-painted sub-assemblies, state of the art controls, strong hose reel and high-quality gas engine with optional diesel engine available. This machine will return more on your investment than anything in its class. The Model 184 is excellent for drain cleaning and sewer jetting main lines up to 12 in. diameter, remote access locations, commercial and industrial lines and more. The Model 184 Trailer unit comes standard with water tank capacity of 300 gallons and standard hose reel capacity of 600 ft of 1/2″ hose. The trailer setup consists of a 6,000-lb. rated single axle trailer, and the addition of a wireless remote control system makes this equipment a true one-man operation. The Model 184 is also available as a van pack or truck-mounted unit. Booth #3417

new self-adjusting, patent-pending Picote 3D Cleaning Chains Picote Solutions

The new self-adjusting, patent-pending Picote 3D Cleaning Chains offer new innovation in high-speed drain cleaning resulting to a cleaner, faster, and more efficient jobsite. No need to change the cleaning tool every time the pipe size changes or adjust the chain size during descaling. Thanks to a shape-shifting design, you can now use one tool to do the job of several. This is ideal for diameter changes especially when access is limited. There are two models available: Premium and PVC. The Premium model features the proven, superior performance of Picote’s U-carbide teeth. While the PVC model is the safer choice when the condition of the original host pipe material is unknown to allow you to safely remove blockages and restore flow. Booth #4717

KASRO UV house connection system Ikarus for diameters DN100 to DN200 ProKASRO Services USA

The bend capable KASRO UV house connection system Ikarus for diameters DN100 to DN200 consists of a total of four chain attachments with one or three UV lamps, which can be plugged onto a reel with a rotary transformer. The standard working range is from DN100 to DN125. with an extension set for diameters DN150 to DN200. For the two work areas, there are two attachments, each with a single 200W lamp and three 200W lamps. With the IKARUS system, pipes with bends of up to 90-degrees can be easily rehabilitated. By default, the system is equipped with a 40m push cable. The UV control case with logging and video recorder is included in the delivery. Two sensors measure the reaction temperature of the resin and the temperature of the ambient air in the liner. Booth #5940

Tempest industrial vacuum truckRAMVAC by Sewer Equipment

The addition of the Tempest industrial vacuum truck to the RAMVAC family, provides contractors with a variety of vacuum equipment to meet the specifications required of any job. The Tempest Industrial Air Machine represents proven state-of-the-art vacuum technology capable of removing dry and dusty materials, as well as liquids, over long distances and depths. Touting an 18 cubic yard debris box, high suction from a 28-in. Hg, 5,500 CFM positive displacement blower through an 8-in. system and a host of exclusive features, the Tempest delivers maximum vacuum power and efficiency. The exclusive self-discharging filter system provides automatic interval cleaning of the filter house during vacuum operations. The Tempest’s articulating extendable Knuckle Boom provides 4.5 ft of extension with a total 16-ft working length and 270-degree range of motion. Standard with a fully-opening rear door, the Tempest only requires one dump to eliminate all debris within the debris box. Booth #3417

The Plumber’s Helper Jr (PH-Jr)Ratech Electronics

Ratech is proud to introduce the newest innovation in our pipe inspection camera systems: The Plumber’s Helper Jr (PH-Jr). Based on a small-scale reel the system comes with 100 ft mini Gel Rod cable, a removable compact command module with 7.1-in. LCD, built-in battery, and SD recorder for recording digital images and video. This mini pipe inspection system is available with a full spectrum 1.375-in. self-leveling color camera, or a standard color camera, or any one of our micro camera heads (5/8, 3/4 or 1 in. diameter). All at an affordable price while still maintaining all the quality of our high-end systems. Booth #6255

RIDGID K9-306 FlexShaft Drain Cleaning MachineRIDGID

The RIDGID K9-306 FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machine quickly delivers wall-to-wall clean in 3- to 6-in. drain lines up to 125 ft. It is used in conjunction with a full suite of specialized chain knocker accessories that expand to the size of the pipe to clear the entire circumference of grease, buildup, roots and heavy scale debris. The chain knockers are connected to flexible, nylon-sheathed cable that is fully enclosed for cleanliness and can be easily wiped clean as it is pulled from the line; the K9-306’s fully contained unit also limits jobsite cross-contamination. Purpose-built for portability, the K9-306 can be operated by a foot switch in both vertical and horizontal positions and features a 1.5-hp internal universal motor for maximum power and in-field serviceability. It also allows for inspection cameras to remain in-pipe throughout the entire drain cleaning process for maximum efficiency. Booth #1341

RootX RootX

The only negative impact that RootX has is on pipeline roots, not on the treatment plant or the surrounding environment. Registered with the EPA for use in both sanitary and storm pipe (EPA Registration #68464-1) RootX is engineered to take the complexity out of chemical root control so that pipeline roots can be killed and pipe-flow capacity restored at minimal cost, training and environmental impact. If your sewer crews can use a sewer jetter or vacuum truck they can also successfully kill pipeline roots with RootX. Claim your own root control experts by including RootX in your maintenance program today. Booth #6109

SAERTEX multiCom’s GRP Type S+ liner Saertex multiCom

SAERTEX multiCom’s GRP Type S+ liner offers an economical, high-strength UV CIPP solution for the trenchless rehabilitation of pipes up to 64 in. in diameter. The Type S+ liner is manufactured with fiberglass-reinforced material infused with a polyester resin for municipal applications and a vinyl ester resin for industrial use. The UV light-curing process offers extremely short curing times compared to conventional heat-cured processes used with felt liners. The Type S+ liner offers: Extremely high mechanical properties, liner lengths up to 1,200 ft, circular and non-circular profiles and dimensional changes are possible. SAERTEX multiCom provides professional technical consultation and support during the planning and installation phases of every project. Go with the FLOW (Fiberglass-lining Options Worldwide) with SAERTEX multiCom and contact us to discuss whether the Type S+ UV CIPP liner is right for your next project. Booth #4629

Model 800-HPR Series IV truck jet from Sewer Equipment Co. of AmericaSewer Equipment

The Model 800-HPR Series IV truck jet from Sewer Equipment Co. of America offers the same great features as the current Series III, such as fully-baffled Duraprolene water tanks, 190 degree rotation of the hose reel and an insulated, heated enclosure housing all water components, but has raised the bar with a host of new features. This all-weather truck’s rear door closes fully while the hose reel is extended, keeping heat inside the enclosure where water components are stored. It offers wintertime recirculation of the water system at highway speeds, a retractable canopy for sun and inclement weather and boiler to provide on-board hot water for cold weather applications. The dual reel configuration touts two hose reels in one location with the secondary reel allowing for the addition of a televising jet pod or small line sewer hose, giving operators the ability to perform multiple applications using one truck. With ergonomic controls, an operator station situated between hose reels in a dual hose reel configuration and a secondary operator’s station at midship, the optimized interface of the Series IV provides a more efficient working environment for its operators. Booth #3417

Source One Environmental’s (S1E) PipePatch Source One Environmental

Source One Environmental’s (S1E) PipePatch offers a no dig, trenchless pipe rehabilitation system for small and large pipe diameter up to 72 in. An alternative to ‘dig and repair’ methods, the PipePatch product line challenges traditional pipe repair methods as an efficient, long-lasting solution that meets NSF standards, ICC-ES-PMG standards, and is environmentally friendly. PipePatch is a CIPP sectional repair that eliminates the need for digging by creating a pipe within a pipe with minimal change to the original diameter, exceeding ASTM F1216 standards. When compared to digging or lining an entire pipe, PipePatch only repairs areas that require rehabilitation — saving time, investment, and labor. New for 2020, S1E has launched a full line of Flow Through pillow packers. Contractors and municipalities can now repair 15 to 72 in. diameter pipes with increased flexibility and without the need for bypass, making this ideal for storm, culverts, and sewer applications. Booth #6325

Spartan Revolution M1 Spartan Tool

The Spartan Revolution M1 is a high-speed machine for cleaning, descaling, and blockage removal. It is designed to work in P-traps, U-bends, and pipes with multiple 90-degree bends. It is made with a specially produced, highly flexible outer casing, which is durable, heat, abrasion, and chemical resistant. Specifically designed for high-speed cleaning of small diameter drains, it is suited for 1.25- to 3-in. pipes. The 1/3-in. cable has a 50-ft range. Pair it with the included cleaning kit or optional items such as the 3D chains, the Mini Smart Sweeper, Cyclone Chains or Cleaning Brushes and Panels and you have a machine that can conquer the toughest and most unusual blockages that customers throw your way. Booth #5009

StoneAge Inc. Warthog Magnum nozzlesStoneAge

StoneAge Inc. is excited to introduce two new Warthog Magnum nozzles. In the past, hydro-jetting sewer lines without “upsetting” or “blowing a toilet” has required the use of low flow and pressure that doesn’t clean very well. Our new Warthog Magnum with patented Control Clean technology is the only nozzle that allows full pressure cleaning without blowing toilets. We are also releasing a new Magnum configuration specifically designed to tackle roots. This new nozzle has a unique multi jet configuration designed to cut and remove roots quickly and efficiently. Both solutions are exciting additions to our premier controlled rotation nozzle line. Booth #5653

Private Eye II mainline inspection systemSubsite Electronics

The Private Eye II mainline inspection system offers outstanding performance along with incredible portability. Enclosed in a Pelican waterproof and crush-proof case and weighing just 30 lbs, the Private Eye II gives you extreme portability without sacrificing field durability. It is the perfect solution for easements, off-road manholes or any hard to get to location. It is also well suited for smaller municipalities or contractors needing the power and capabilities of a full mainline inspection system in a highly affordable, all-inclusive mobile package. The Private Eye II is compatible with all our mainline cameras and tractors. When combined with our Compact Portable Reel (CPR) loaded with single-conductor cable, it can inspect 4- to 200-in. diameter pipelines up to 1,000 ft in length. Booth #5411

TruGrit brand wheelsTruGrit Traction

Whether you are looking for traction in newly installed liner that you don’t want to shred up, or you need an extremely aggressive wheel to cut through heavy grease, TruGrit brand wheels will make it happen without breaking the bank. We now offer two types of wheel, the TruGrit, which uses a unique patent pending blend of flexible polymer and steel carbide grit to provide added traction in all pipe types and conditions, never getting dull, only getting better as they wear. We also offer the TruGrit STEEL, a solid steel wheel with an exterior finish of aggressive carbide grit to maximize traction in heavy grease and debris. With our innovative hub adapters, one universal TruGrit brand wheel will fit multiple OEMs. Booth #7202

Coyote mid-size truck TRUVAC

See the newly released Coyote mid-size truck and redesigned HXX full-size truck with an 824 blower package at the 2020 WWETT Show. The new TRUVAC by Westech Coyote vacuum excavator delivers easier maneuverability in urban environments and boasts an extremely rugged design proven in the harshest environments. With a maximized payload configuration and classic style controls, the Coyote is a powerful and robust addition to TRUVAC’s equipment lineup. The HXX vacuum excavator with the 824 blower package has been redesigned with customer input to further enhance the truck’s offerings. Improvements include dual final filters for easier removal and cleaning, an improved cyclone for increased performance, the ability to accommodate a larger vertical tool cabinet for more storage capacity, and improved access to hydraulic manifolds for easier service and maintenance. Booth #5045

TT Technologies toolsTT Technologies

TT Technologies will display its full line of trenchless piercing tools, pipe ramming tools and pipe bursting tools. Attendees will be able to see the complete line of trenchless equipment including the Grundomat horizontal boring tool and the Grundoburst static pipe bursting system. The Grundomat piercing tool is available in 16 models from 1.75 to 7 in. in diameter, for horizontal boring distances from 50 ft to 150 ft. The Grundomat is easily configured to pull in a wide variety of new pipe. The Grundoburst systems range in size from 45 tons to 287 tons of pullback force and can be used to burst pipe from 4 to 54 in. The Grundoburst can pull in a variety of replacement pipe including PVC, DIP, ABS, cast iron, fusion welded HDPE and VCP jacking pipe. Booth #6357

AllJetVac combination sewer cleanersVACALL

AllJetVac combination sewer cleaners from Vacall provide contractors and governments with excellent jetting action and superior vacuum power to efficiently open clogged sewer lines. Strong positive displacement blowers produce 16 to 27 in. hg of vacuum power, while jetting capacities range from 50 to 120 gpm with pressures to 3,000 psi. Jetting and vacuum systems are powered by a single chassis engine that slashes fuel consumption, cuts harmful emissions and reduces routine maintenance downtime. Water tanks, fabricated from high-quality aluminum, are available with lifetime warranties. The Recycler continuous water recycling system option vacuums water from sewer lines, puts it through a five-step filtering process and then uses the same water to continue jetting — increasing productivity and eliminating downtime for water refills. Located in the front of the debris tank for protection, the Recycler system includes a 240-gal segregated clean water tank section with a 10-gpm pump and 50-ft hose reel for wash down. Booth #6915

Vactor Mfg. 2100i combination sewer cleaner,Vactor Mfg.

Vactor Mfg. will showcase the 2100i combination sewer cleaner, along with two new Vactor products, so no matter the size of the sewer cleaning job, application, or challenge, Vactor offers a solution to make work easy. Featuring ergonomic, simple, one-button engagement IntuiTouch controls and superior vacuum performance, the Vactor 2100i will be equipped with green water recycling technology – which saves thousands of gallons of clean water every shift – and an operator-friendly RDB 1015 rapid deployment boom – which telescopes 10 ft (3.05 m) out and extends the debris hose down 15 ft (4.57 m), reducing the need for additional debris tubes. Booth #5045

Did you miss the 2020 event? Make plans to attend WWETT 2021 Feb. 22-25. For more information, visit wwettshow.com.

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