Waterline Renewal Technologies Adds Moray Group to Its Portfolio

Waterline Renewal Technologies (WRT) announced that it is growing its trenchless portfolio with the addition of the Moray Group. Recent high-tech advancements to Moray Group’s ultraviolet (UV) technology will provide WRT’s customers with another trenchless solution.

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LightRay offers several distinct designs: LightRay LSR Pro for lateral patch, LightRay LPR for pull-in place, and many other exciting new technologies that are under development and will launch in the near future. Each current system comes ready to install with UV resin pre wet-out spot liner. The UV resin is non-VOC polyester or vinyl ester and comes with a six-month shelf life.

“This new UV technology will completely transform the trenchless industry,” said Harley Kaplan, CEO of Waterline Renewal Technologies. “Any new technology is an exciting venture, but with the capabilities the LightRay offers, we’re beyond thrilled to finally introduce and highlight this product to installers and customers at WWETT, our industry’s premier trade show.”

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Similarly, the Moray Group recognizes how this strategic step will provide its customer base and contractors cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) solutions all under one name.

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“We are excited to be part of Waterline Renewal Technology. The synergies created among the different WRT technologies and now LightRay are providing the installers expanded tools to maximize efficiencies and provide a better end user experience” says Richard “Monte” Montemarano, strategic business development of Moray Group.

This new technology will make CIPP repairs faster and easier, thus enhancing the overall customer and installer experience.

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The Moray Group will join WRT – AP/M Permaform, LMK Technologies and Perma-Liner Industries – in booth #6011 at the 2020 WWETT Show (Feb. 18-20) to discuss the recent deal, display its products and for demonstrations.


SOURCE – Waterline Renewal Technologies