Wachs Water Services Announces New Executive Appointments

As the aging water infrastructure gap continues to widen, the adoption of municipal asset management and rehabilitation programs becomes critical to help overcome this massive challenge. To meet the growing needs of the market and further strengthen its business, Wachs Water Services has announced several strategic appointments.

Cliff Jones was appointed vice president, business development. In this position, he will provide strategic leadership and direction for the business and continue to expand service offerings with a focus on complete pipeline asset management. Jones has over 30 years of experience in operations and sales, including over nine years in the pipeline condition assessment industry. In recent years, as chief operating officer, he played an instrumental role in building the Pressure Pipe Inspection Co. (PPIC), which became the recognized leader in condition assessment of large diameter water transmission mains.

Matt Wassam was appointed western region business development manager. In his new role, Wassam is responsible for strategically expanding the Wachs Water Services footprint in the western and south western regions of the United States, including Arizona, California, Colorado and Texas. Wassam has a proven track record in the water pipeline industry, where he held senior management positions at Insituform Technologies, which is a global leader in advanced rehabilitation solutions for underground infrastructure. He will be based near Denver.  

Mike Stadnyckyj was named director of strategic marketing. Stadnyckyj will position the business for growth by ensuring Wachs Water Services solutions are setting the standard in the industry and evolving to meet the changing needs of utilities. Stadnyckyj brings with him a proven track record in developing new markets and commercializing leading edge technologies. He has 15 years of experience in the water industry, including senior marketing and business development positions within General Electric’s (GE) Water division.

In December, Wachs Water Services announced a formal agreement with JD7 Pipeline Services Ltd., to be the exclusive representative of its next generation leak detection technologies in North America. The JD7 Investigator technology allows utilities to inspect water pipelines via fire hydrants without the need to take the pipeline out of service. The technology provides a high-quality video feed to assess tuberculation, as well as acoustic assessment to pinpoint the location of any leaks. An additional JD7 offering is the LDS1000, a combined leak detection and camera system that can be inserted through two inch access points while the pipeline remains in service. These tethered leak detection technologies result in greater productivity, reduced inspection risk and provide clients with more accurate information about the condition of the water pipeline assets.

About Wachs Water Services

Wachs Water Services is a North American leader in the management and rehabilitation of critical water assets, including valves, pipelines and hydrants. Proven GIS field verification and integration services help utilities to analyze and prioritize infrastructure maintenance to improve asset reliability and optimize investments. 

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