VUEWorks, Inc. announced Sept. 14 VUEWorks 2009, a greatly-expanded version of its web-based solution that enables municipalities, utilities and other organizations to track the condition, minimize failure risk, prioritize expenditures and service delivery of their physical assets.


VUEWorks 2009 is a scalable suite of software modules for managing work processes, capturing citizen concerns, and executing preventive maintenance with a minimal investment of time and money. At its highest level, VUEWorks is a strategic asset management solution that incorporates condition assessment, risk analysis, valuation, budget forecasting, and project cost estimating for managing any asset through it’s lifetime.


Highlights of VUEWorks 2009

VUEWorks 2009 has been re-designed to allow organizations to retrieve key asset data, apply work-management practices, and develop strategic asset management programs for any infrastructure physical asset. 


A new Facilities Module provides flexible tracking of any asset that is typically not identified as part of the GIS data. Facilities (such as pump stations, treatment plants, and fire/police stations), vehicle fleets, and campuses can be hierarchically structured down to the individual asset level. Facilities can be linked to GIS assets for easy selection from the map. Individual assets such as pumps, motors, valves, switches, controls, etc. can include values for condition, valuation, and work history. VUEWorks 2009 also delivers features that make it easier than ever to connect with SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and other systems through the enhanced ODBC compliant Data Link features. With the data in place you can use it to trigger Work Orders automatically from SCADA data.


VUEWorks also enables roadway condition assessment and prioritization,, including recording the severity and extents of pavement distresses comparable to ASTM standards. Pavement condition can be color-coded and linked in real time to GIS data. Cost estimates for pavement repair projects can include all affected assets including sidewalks, curbs, guardrails, drainage, lights, signals, etc.  Users can also create multi-year budget scenarios based on deterioration curves, and can automatically trigger different types of jobs (repair options) based on where the segment falls on the deterioration curve.


About VUEWorks, Inc.

VUEWorks Inc. ( develops, markets, and supports affordable, web-enabled, integrated GIS Asset and Work Management solutions that help local governments, utilities, corporations, schools, theme parks, and other organizations track the condition, minimize failure risk, optimize expenditures and service delivery of their physical assets. VUEWorks is a privately-held corporation founded in 2004 and headquartered in Concord, New Hampshire.

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