Vortex Tap Cutting Institute

Vortex Companies Opens the Vortex Tap Cutting Institute

Recognizing an industry-wide need for experienced sewer line tap cutters, the Vortex Companies announced the launch of the Vortex Tap Cutting Institute.

Located at the Vortex Products facility in Greenville, South Carolina, the Tap Cutting Institute features a fully functional robotics simulator to teach individuals how to cut taps without the risk of damaging pipe or liners.

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“Proper lateral reinstatement is a critical part of the sewer rehab process,” said Mike Vellano, CEO of the Vortex Companies. “The bottom line is that there simply aren’t enough experienced tap cutters in our industry, and we are in a great position to provide training to anyone who wants to learn.”

“Through the Tap Cutting Institute, we’ve made the training affordable to individuals who want to expand their capabilities and learn the tap cutting trade, or for contractors who want to send their technicians here to hone their skills.” stated Kenny Cochrane, vice president, Schwalm products at Vortex.

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Although tap-cutting is only small part of a Schwalm robot’s capabilities, it represents the bulk of its workload.

SOURCE – Vortex Companies

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