Vactor Mfg. Introduces TRUVAC Vacuum Excavators

TRUVAC Prodigy

TRUVAC Prodigy vacuum excavator offers power and performance in a smaller footprint.

Vactor Mfg. Inc., a subsidiary of Federal Signal Corp. announced the introduction of TRUVAC, a brand of premium vacuum excavator trucks designed specifically to satisfy the safe-digging requirements of businesses or organizations that locate and verify underground utility lines and pipes.

The TRUVAC brand will focus on vacuum excavation, while the Vactor brand will continue to focus on equipment solutions for cleaning and maintaining sewers and catch basins. The product line includes the versatile Paradigm sub-compact vacuum excavator, the Prodigy vacuum excavator that offers power and performance in a smaller footprint, and the HXX series of full-sized vacuum excavators designed to tackle the biggest digging projects.

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Founded on Legacy of Innovation

“The TRUVAC brand is new, but the products, technology and quality are well established by the Vactor brand, which enjoys an iconic status in the world of vacuum technology,” said Sam Miceli, vice president and general manager of Vactor Mfg. “Vactor Mfg. Inc., brings to the brand more than 100 years of operator-focused innovation excellence, more than 50 years of experience building equipment that combines high-pressure water and vacuum technology, and more than 20 years of experience manufacturing vacuum excavators.”

TRUVAC Paradigm

The TRUVAC Paradigm is a sub-compact vacuum excavator.

Expansive Dealer Network, Dedicated Staff

An expansive network of dealers has been carefully selected to sell TRUVAC machines across the United States and Canada. Additionally, a team of dedicated, experienced sales managers, product management, service/support personnel and marketing staff is concentrating on the growth, expansion and operations of the TRUVAC brand. The team is based at Vactor Mfg.’s headquarters and production facilities in Streator, Illinois, where TRUVAC machines are built.

Critical Need for Safe Digging

“TRUVAC has been established to address the critical need for safe digging in the United States and Canada,” said Nick Bruhn, product manager at TRUVAC. “With more than 19 million miles of buried utilities in the United States alone, the risks of utility strikes caused by poor excavator digging practices are too great to ignore, and incidents of gas line explosions, power outages and burst waterlines causing injuries, fatalities and property damage continue to occur at an alarming rate.”

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Bruhn pointed out that TRUVAC will be emphasizing quality and safety for underground infrastructure and the men and women who operate vacuum excavation trucks.

For more information on the TRUVAC brand and line of vacuum excavator equipment, or to schedule a product demonstration, visit

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